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Paul Perrin
Freelance Software Engineer, Libertarian, WASP - Wife and 2 boys at university..
Freelance Software Engineer, Libertarian, WASP - Wife and 2 boys at university..

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Ballot by Bitcoin.
I worked out a system for voting that each voter could verify as correct for themselves. The biggest flaw with all online voting is that you have to trust the people running the election. Unless you can verify that only real voters voted, they only voted on...

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The People have Spoken. Constituency based Flash Rally - we are doing one - where's yours?

My Nexus had power issues, finally failed to charge at all, so I replaced the battery and it almost worked... Some glitches, so I did a factory reset.

It now ok except it will suddenly 'trip out' totally off. And is unresponsive (even power switch does nothing). If I connect the charger for a couple of seconds (just enough that it vibrates) and disconnect, it will boot up again fine, power still 90 or 70 etc - where ever it was when it stopped...

Any ideas?

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The Truth About Jo Cox and Thomas Mair...
Their mistake was that Thomas Mair was more bitter and determined than they expected and the people present at the surgery - whilst massively brave - were not strong enough to subdue the shooter after the first shot. What was the whole thing all about? Grab...

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No, parliament do not need to vote on #brexit #article50 - here's why.
When I first heard the result of the court case over invoking article 50, the courts position seemed pretty reasonable. I set out my position in another post. However, more information has come up and I am persuaded differently... The basic case was that th...

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Cameron, Conservatives, EU lovers - had this planned all along...

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State of play #Brexit - what the judge lady let slip.
If this judges view is correct, then brexit may be delayed indefinitely unless we replace our MP's and government with one that is committed to brexit. Simply replacing MP's in not enough - this Conservative government under David Cameron and Theresa May ar...

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Letter to my MP (conservative, junior governent post) - re #Brexit debacle.
Tuesday 8 November 2016 Dear, I am very disappointed with the turn of events around brexit. I wrote to you before the referendum decrying the fact David Cameron and his Conservative government had apparently been making no plans for the eventuality of the v...

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#Brexit  Stitched up like #UKIP'pers by Dodgy Dave and the Con-servatives.

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Just a couple of facebook posts I made on Raheem Kassams 'Make UKIP Great Again' page... before he quit :(
Paul Perrin 27 October at 20:41 The Brexit winning UKIP has done its job - 'steady as she goes', 'sa fe pair of hands' will just mean it drifts off into twilight years of gradual (or very, very rapid!) decline. Right now there is a huge backlash against the...
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