Interested in trying the Chrome OS Canary channel? The instructions for making the switch have changed.

Most Chromebook power users are probably familiar with the stable, beta, and dev channels of Chrome OS. What some may not be aware of is that there is another hidden channel that requires developer mode and a special terminal command to access. It is updated more frequently than the dev channel, and breaks more often too. It's called the canary channel, and is mostly used internally by Chromium developers.

+Kenny Strawn was the first to document the canary channel way back in late 2013. He published a blog post detail his instructions¹, and they've been perfect up until recently. As a result of a few changes in the way that the update tool functions in the background, the command that Kenny found now produces an error message.

Thankfully, these things don't stay secret for long :) This comes via the Chromium OS Dev mailing list².

Here is the new command for those that are interested:

update_engine_client --channel=canary-channel --update

For those you running the canary channel, you may want to subscribe to this thread on the official product forum where other enthusiasts share changes they notice:

A big thanks to those that run the canary channel and share their findings with us :)




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