Google is testing Helpouts, the next wave in Hangout-based Education.

Helpouts are powered by Hangouts, can be free or for-charge (handled by Google Wallet), and connect seamlessly with your Google+ account.

Once live, users will be able to access the website and submit their own listings with ease. The process is detailed on the support center, but essentially requires the following:

1. Click Create a Helpout at the top of the Helpouts window.
2. Choose a Category for your listing. Categories include: Home & Garden, Computers & Electronics, Health & Counseling, Nutrition & Fitness, Fashion & Beauty, Art & Music, Cooking and Education.
3. Next, write a Description for your listing. Fill in the details about your Helpout. Learn more about how to create a great listing. (will include link)
4. Then under Qualifications, explain why you are uniquely qualify to provide this Helpout listing. You could include information on your certificates, training, experience, and any other details that show your skills in this area.
5. Select Free to offer your Helpout free of charge, or Paid to enter the amount you'll charge for the Helpout. You can charge per minute or you can charge a set price for the entire session. If this is your first time offering a paid Helpout, you’ll need to set up a Wallet merchant account.
6. Click Save & Continue.
7. Next select Choose a photo.You have several options for a photo: upload one, use one from your Google+ profile, or take a snapshot. Photos that are at least 900 pixels wide work best.
8. Click Submit for review when you're done.

It's worth noting that for people seeking to offer medical / health advice, there are rigorous credential checks, as there should be.

It is not clear when Google plans to launch this service, but fingers crossed that it will be available soon!

Excited? Good! Get started with the following links:

Official Website:

Help Center:

(h/t via +Philip Vinogradov)

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