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I don't want money or fame or anything for this just to see it happen.
It requires nothing except a few lines of code and to get everyone on board.

I have an idea for G+, Google chrome, Gamil or any Google page. I'm a Google fan and I want to see them do it. I need help and feedback. What do you guys think?

Google Time. (Global time / internet time/online time)
A new single time stream / calendar/ online concept introduced by Google for the whole world which could become an accepted standard of measurement by all people. 

An instant on the internet  given a value. The Google time reflected on your G+page will be exactly the same as that on the G+ page of someone on the other side of the planet at that instant. A time that does not care about daylight or even weather it is Monday or Tuesday. The first Google hour, on the first Google day, of the first Google year, applies to anyone on the face of the planet who logs onto the internet at that instant wanting to know what the Google time is.

To sum up  - if its one o'clock Google time right now in South Africa, its one o'clock Google time anywhere in the world. That time is displayed somewhere on the Google page your on.

If every single person alive on the planet was given 50 Billion pounds except those that have it but all the prices, taxes and the cost of everything stayed the same, what do you think would happen? What would the social ramifications be?

So, I've figured out why we (people in general/most people) forget our dreams very quickly to the extent that we can"t hold onto them or flat out do not remember them. It's a protective measure. Otherwise we would have our waking memories and dream memories and we would become confused as to weather that really happened or was it dreamed.

Some dreams are trivial, like someone saying something to you. If a year went by after that dream and you had not seen that person but were now on your way to see them your mind would naturally cast back to the last thing you remember about them.

You remember the conversation but now you have to remember if it happened in real life or not among all your other memories + a years worth of new ones. I know because I remember my dreams and I've had this problem. I mean this of course in our waking conscious context. I'm sure our subconscious "remembers" and uses dream data.

Further more, what put this protective measure in us? What put all the "measures" in all living things? It is my opinion that there is an intelligence that permeates the matter of the living. Through specific arrangement of atoms, that then become living, this force is able to permeate matter. It is me and I am it.

In fact, could you not say we are the physical representation of evolution seen as we can now in a premeditated sense force any kind of change on any biology we want. Is our science not an evolutionary force? With this force right now we can seed the moon with some genetically modified organism. It may serve us no purpose but Im sure we could get something to live and thus be the interstellar life dispersal mechanic and part of space evolution. Making our earth a self sustained seed ship in space.

I want to send a question to NASA. Do i have to hack into the pentagon to do this? Do they really care about my puny questions? Does NASA represent humans in space or NASA in space? There website sucks. Does humanity realize how important the next step into space is? In hand with genetic engineering and a few other factors this is the next major step in human evolution, and we can document our evolution in real time.

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Montana Thunderstorm

"A supercell thunderstorm rolls across the Montana prairie at sunset"
National Geographic

Photograph by Sean Heavey

We should practice building and living in the sea and on the ocean floor. Then the moon, where we can setup a midway point, a base and our grand experiment to be tested. Then from the moon and earth we should move to mars to terraform and to stay. This is easily done depending on how this planet uses its resources and energy and if we make it of prime importance. At the moment our energy and resources are being used to get money. Everything else is secondary.

To have open and easy access to the pooled data of mankind is our ultimate power. It is imperative.  The more people who have access to as much data as we have are more problem solvers to our problems. Humans need to get rid of the things that stand in the way of knowledge and growth.         
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