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Vladimir Vuskovic
Product Manager at Google / YouTube, SW architect and programmer, Ph.D. Robotics. Father of 3
Product Manager at Google / YouTube, SW architect and programmer, Ph.D. Robotics. Father of 3

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In this edition of YouTube developers live, we introduce Invideo Programming, a cool new way to brand and highlight your best videos across all your videos on your channel. We'll cover what it is, the API reference, and show some sample code making API calls.

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Here's the video of our talk on the Freebase APIs at Google I/O. You can find an online copy of the slides here:

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There were a ton of great YouTube-related I/O sessions this year. (We've collected all of them at They're all worth watching (opt-in to and watch at 2x speed...) but I think what differentiated this years sessions is the inclusion of several that pulled back the curtain a bit at some key pieces of YouTube infrastructure. These are the sort of engineering feats that makes YouTube more than just a simple video hosting provider, and I'm glad to see them get attention!

Google I/O 2013 - Secrets of Video Stabilization on YouTube covers how YouTube automatically stabilizes a shaky videos. The math involved is way beyond what I'm comfortable with, but the presentation was so well done that I was able to follow along with their charts, and the illustrative videos are amazing.

Google I/O 2013 - Semantic Video Annotations in the YouTube Topics API: Theory and Applications goes into detail on how YouTube assigns Freebase topics to a large percentage of the entire YouTube video corpus. It's a daunting task, and it was enlightening to learn what's going on behind the scenes.

Google I/O 2013 - Adaptive Streaming for You and YouTube covers some of the clever things being done to improve video streaming performance across a variety of network conditions. Yes, it means you won't always be able to buffer the entire 1080p transcode of a given video into a tiny embedded player, but that's a good thing.

Google I/O 2013 - WebM and the New VP9 Open Video Codec doesn't actually apply to YouTube at the moment, but it covers VP9, the successor to the VP8 codec that's used widely for playing YouTube content in HTML5 <video> elements.

Exciting stuff!

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YouTube Topics API is one of the most interesting APIs around. 
Also make sure to come by the Freebase/YouTube code lab on Day 3 (Friday) at 2:00PM PDT. We'll be showing you how to build a really cool video mashup that combines some of the lastest features of the Freebase and YouTube APIs.  #io13  

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+Next Big Sound provides analytics and insights for the music industry by tracking billions of social signals including YouTube. We'll be chatting with +Kris Schroder to hear how they've using the YouTube Analytics API as part of their platform.

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Tired of waiting for your uploads to be ready?

We'll send you an email once your video is processed and ready to be watched! You'll be able to forward and share it with your friends, family and fans! Check out more information here:

HTML5 for mobile, is perhaps another example of disruptions overestimated in the short term, and underestimated in the long run. It's kinda the nature of the exponential function.
Now everybody seems to be dropping it and going back to native, but maybe the turning point is not that far away.

A great quote from an otherwise just ok article "Disruptive change takes far longer to occur than most people account for, once it kicks in, it steamrolls incumbents faster than they can course-correct."
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