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ellen kiswanto

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Hello PHP Programmers, 
i have a question about, which one better using xampp packet or install the apache, mysql and php indepedently ? i will implement it in academic information system 

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Hi everyone,
I working with my project, I try to move my mysql data to mdb file, finally I can make the multiple connection database between mysql and mdb using adodb, but I got some problem when I try to insert data to access but the value come from mysql tables, I have try many way but the insert didn't work and my record in access didn't increase too, do you have some idea? As far I try using looping, and to get the data I using array, but the result still blank, thank you for read my post

Hi everyone, do you have an example or some reference about how to create mdb file using php ? thank you for read my post  :D
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