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Re-Sharing because I feel so guilty at having left out +CJ Sros

I've also discovered today that I might just be standing on +Matt Holmes toes as he started a similar circle some 15 days'ish earlier than me. His is for photogs with less than 4K followers though so I may have escaped :) - it appears that we haven't got much (if any) crossover though.

Oh and if you want to follow this bunch but don't have the space for yet another group of folks, then I'm encouraging them all to use the following hashtag: #Under5K so that their posts can be found.
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OK, all spots are now filled, we have 125 with the last place going to one of my nominations +Mchale Morris - some fantastic pictures and one very interactive person. She is as liable to post a comment as a +1 so beware!

Anyway, I will re-publish the circle sometime tomorrow (when I'm sober again) lol and the guidelines for getting in. Any further nominations will be added to a spreadhseet on a first come first served basis.
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