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Waxing Gibbous Take [cough] 509

Have lost count of the number I've taken tonight but probably due to being a bit stir crazy with the rain so a dry mostly cloudless night has sent me to a frenzy. Still the moon is the moon is the moon on the same night.

Techy bits: This one was snapped with my 70-200mm and the x2 extender on with resultant focal length being 366mm at f8, ISO100 and 1/250th. Mirror lock was also enabled and I used my cable release after zoom focus on the live screen. Lots of new stuff learned and tried tonight.

#astromentorship +Moon
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Nice! Pretty sharp shot.
Very nice and thanks for the settings. I keep meaning to play at shooting the moon and I hear it's big at the moment.
Lovely - moon shots are more difficult than people think. It's a lot brighter than you imagine...
Yes +Andy Burke - not sure where in the world you are but May 5th / 6th in the European area is what they call an apogee moon I believe. It's also a full moon and meant to be larger than usual.
I'm in the UK - so just got to hope for clear skies...
Thank you +Pete Stean I keep trying and I think I'm fairly happy with the settings now. Tripod, low ISO, fast shutter and f somewhere between 8 and 11.
Ah cool +Andy Burke - the Beeb says Saturday will be light cloud and dry (at the moment) so hopefully Sunday will be too. Look forward to seeing your pictures as I've just added you to my circles.
Oh dear, I'd better have a go then!
This is sharper, the exposure's perfect; there's no noise I see; I think I want a bigger version posted! I'll bet it would hold up well to closer scrutiny. Nice work!
Oh and happy to share the RAW file if you want to play :)
tempting, as I do have software to make stuff bigger--doesn't really make them better, though. It's a really nice shot here. I'll have to catch one myself, as I particularly like the craters evident in this phase (it's not even approaching dark yet here in Az.)
Whereas I should be in bed - but no work until Friday so I don't care.
Spot on with the exposure, you've got great details in the shadows, the crater rays are clearly visible, the highlights and craters are also clear. Great Job!
I see now... - it is made of cheese :) Thanks for clearing this up my friend!
Beautiful Shot, +Stuart Dyckhoff with fantastic detail all around. The edge of the Mare on the upper left terminator is great!
Thank you very much +Keith Egnor and you're forcing me to have to go look stuff up as well which is a double win :)
Me too +Joseph Daquiz though as I look out the office window behind me I fear that the clouds are against me. Thanks for the comment I appreciate it.
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