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Blurs and Unsharp Photography: Guided Play

With the support of the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers , I’ve decided to offer a free eight week program on the art and weird science of unsharp photography.  The official signup post will be next Tuesday, April 29, and the program will run from May 9 through July 5.

To me, blurs and unsharp photography have represented a new dimension of artistic freedom – a fresh and joyous way to play with light, color, form… and sometimes their absence.  My hope is to inspire some of you to find more of that joy in your own photography, and to offer some techniques, tips and tools to help, along with plenty of practice!

We’ll be covering a range of topics, including not just how to take certain kinds of images (and sometimes why), but also tools in post-processing and phone apps.  My goal is to be able to offer the program to you regardless of the tools you use to capture (or process) images – DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, point & shoot cameras, or Apple or Android smartphones (*).  You’ll need to be familiar with the manual operation of any camera, and have time to take approximately 100-200 photos per week (because practice with your hands will be key to some techniques; just knowing how won’t be enough).  You’ll also need to spend quality time in a (private) community supporting, enjoying, learning from and teaching your fellow participants!

Some wonderful photographers have graciously agreed to help with the program, including +Nathan Beaulne , +Heiko Mahr , +Jacob Dix , +Paul Brown , +Julianne Bockius , +Jetski Jones , and +Linda Villers .  I’m also extremely grateful for the behind the scenes support of +Robin Griggs Wood , and the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers and its other directors +Ron Clifford and +Tamara Pruessner .

(*) There is at least one topic I may be unable to address if you’re using a point &shoot camera or smartphone alone (call it half of one of the eight weeks).  The ideal combination would be DSLR or mirrorless plus a phone, and if you use only a P&S it needs to be capable of full manual shooting (shutter speed, aperture and ISO).  Questions welcome anytime, and keep an eye out for the signup post on April 29!
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Stuck in a caravan on a damp night with nothing much better to do but happy to help in any way I can. 
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The Old Shall Give Way to the New

Last week I got a chance to do something I'd wanted to do in ages.... wander out on to the Severn estuary tidal flats (some of the fastest tides in the world here) and grab a picture of the old Aust ferry terminal.

This used to be the only 'easy / quick' way into South Wales without a several hour detour via Gloucester. Then in 1966 the white behemoth in the background opened and for 30yrs carried all traffic in & out. Now it's role is a minor one as the Second Severn Crossing (effectively behind me) took over as the major artery into and out of Wales.
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Thank you +Lauri Novak and +Lori Carey  :-)
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Ma & Da

This is one of the images that adorns my study wall looks down over me whenever I am on the computer.

As the title says, it is my Mum & Dad on their wedding day in (I think) 1959. They were both qualified pharmacists and met each other whilst on summer jobs in Boots the Chemist.

Posted for +Cheryl Cooper +Mark Rodriguez and +Isabelle Fortin (G+ won't let me tag her so I must have been blocked for some reason)+Blast From The Past  #blastfromthepast  
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+Andrew Endean thank you. It is nice to have.

+Blast From The Past thank you.

+Andy Burke indeed it is super special. Thanks. 
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Bean Belt

Today is #coffeethursday  once more and your curators will be looking for you to share your gems of caffeinated goodness.

Don't forget to tag us in +Jason Kowing +Maki Silberberg +Sairam Sundaresan and myself +Stuart Dyckhoff 
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Good thinking dude.
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Up until very recently when I'm presented with a scene that has water in it my default has been to reach for my ND10 and force a long exposure.

However, looking at many images here and in particular those of +Mykal Hall I've very much come to appreciate that there are other options. Apparently the magic figure is 1/6th of a second so I wasn't far out with this one at 1/4th.

Personally I'm loving the drama that this speed creates with the power of the sea clearly evident.

--- some hashtag soup:
#landscapephotography +Landscape Photography +Landscape Photography Show +Margaret Tompkins +Jim Warthman +Kevin Rowe +Johan Peijnenburg +David Heath Williams +Tom Hierl +Carolyn Lim +Howard L. Smith +Kai Kosonen +Sheila B. DuBois +Toshi Nakamura +David Pilasky +Bill Wood

 #ActionMonday +ActionMonday 
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+Mykal Hall I wanted to go lower and closer but dare not risk my gear. As it was I'd already got soaked ;) Thanks for the comment and compliment and for posting fab shots that inspire me to try other things.
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Family selfie on hols in North Wales
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Fantastic shot, look like a lot of fun! 
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T'is a little flower for Saturday Afternoon

Feeling purple right now. Apparently one of the 'responses' to the colour purple is that of ending. Well tonight is my last ever night shift. So that's an ending I guess.

Days here we come.
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Lol +Ellie Kennard I have done days before. 
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When Seas Bite

I shot this just the other day and have already shared it. However, the more I look at this and think about it the more I realise just how grateful I am to the fabulous community of photographers on Google+

But beyond that, to one in particular. I was fortunate enough to be included in the first ever run of the Storytelling Landscape Photography mentorship run by +Sairam Sundaresan - not only is he a fantastic photographer (seriously, check out his imagery) he is a talented teacher able to covey complex topics in a way that even this dunderhead can follow.

I am far from the finished article but with Sairam's lessons still available to me as a refresher and the great helpers and fellow mentees I will continue to strive to improve. #ThankYouSairam 
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Thank you +Barbara BM

+Andy Burke I don't recall either but I do agree with you it's just I need to remember that when I'm in the field shooting. 
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Stuart Dyckhoff

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Earth Day is coming up next Tuesday, April 22. To celebrate, Google+ and +TIME invite you to share your best photos of Earth.

Take a picture of your part of the planet, and share it on Google+ with the
hashtag #MyBeautifulEarth. Check back on Earth Day, when +TIME will
feature some of their favorite photos you shared:
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Letting The Sun Go Down On Me

Also known as - waiting for the sunset at one of my fave beaches. Got soaked here because I mis-judged one wave but the breeze was so strong that I dried pretty quickly.

The noise from this pebble beach with the tide retreating is one to rival that from Devon's Durdle Door beach +Ben Locke 
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Many thanks +Michael Maxwell appreciate you saying so.
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... for just $19.95 per month All new members get 2 free eBooks</st...

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