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Stuart Dyckhoff
β geek slipping through life one happy day at a time - photographer - techy - martial artist - husband - father - friend
β geek slipping through life one happy day at a time - photographer - techy - martial artist - husband - father - friend

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So, this happened.

#TangSooDo #TangSoo

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Fifth (5th) Best Day of My Life

So tomorrow is an occasion that will probably be the 5th best day of my life to date ... knowing me, I'm sure I'll have to edit this post when I start to remember others ... but roll with me.

1. Getting married to my friend and confidante, my strength and my support and still putting up with me 32yrs later (come June)
2, 3 & 4. the births of my precious miracles.
5. Some thing about being presented with my 1st Dan in Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan.

The belt itself will be midnight blue and will look (I believe) very similar to the image attached - but mine will have my name and Dan number. It's taken 7 years of hard work, some failure, a year lost to injury, countless bruises and more besides but finally the day is here.

All this is just to say... if this 53yr old "he'll never amount to nothing" - "he'll never succeed" can do it, then I'm pretty damn sure anyone can do whatever they truly set their minds to.

#TangSoo #JustDoIt #YouCan #JustBelieve

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Today Has Been a "Most Excellent" Day

There is a TL:DR if you don't care...

There have been few better in my 53yrs on this planet...

- my marriage
- the birth of each of my 3 miracles
- and then there is today.

The history here is that I spent 15yrs as a child (mostly) from age 6 to 22 training in Judo and fell just short of my attaining my black belt due to life... I chipped a bone that took 6mths to heal, moved countries, got married and had a child... so I was always a little disappointed in myself at not having graded to Black (adult belt).

Today, some 31yrs later, I have officially been told that I am now a Cho Dan in Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan after close on 7yrs of effort.

To say I'm ecstatic is a understatement.

At 53 I see this as a major life achievement. And for a boy that has always had an innate genius level IQ but could never do exams this has been 7yrs of blood (literally at times) sweat (most times) and tears (yes occasionally even tears) effort.

My only regret in all this is neither of my parents lived long enough to see this day. My mother always believed in me, always encouraged me but she's been gone for 24yrs now. My father was a product of his upbringing and rarely praised and even rarer were the times he showed affection but as a Judoka himself I just know he would have been proud of me. He's been gone 4yrs.

But I just know that they would have loved the fact that their good for nothing middle child done good.

Me...? I'm still bouncing but need to go to bed now.

Tang Soo.

TL:DR - The boy done good.

#ThisOnesForMumandDad and #thisonesforme
#TangSoo #KeepOnKeepingOn #ageisnobarrier


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MeWe ....

Discuss ?

Or just pop over and join me ... not posted anything yet but intrigues id my opening thought.

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Ogmore Castle Winter Sunset....

I love this spot but the local farmer is spoiling the view more and more... I'm convinced they deliberately dump their farm trailers in the castle car-park and now they've even taken to locking the gate at nights - something they never used to do before. And I'm not even sure they have the right to do that ....

Still, these things don't deter me. I hope you enjoy the view and this was the night before Storm Barbara came rampaging across the UK.

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Black Friday

aka Bah, Humbug

I've just spent the past hour or two unsubscribing from the mass of emails that I've received over the last few days with all & sundry wanting me to buy their 'x' product at their best ever discount....

Listen... if I needed it that bad I would search it out and what's more, I'd ask for opinions and even (shock horroe) do some research first. I'm not going to take your mis-guided approach to modern marketing as being anything but biased. But why make me suffer for something I never asked for?

"Bah Humbug indeed".

TL:DR - look at the pretty flower in B&W.

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This is Llyn Idwal

At the far end shrouded in the mist (you'll have to trust me on this one or Google it) lies Clogwyn y Geifr and Twll Du (cliff of the goat and Black Hole) and I would imagine that if the sun had decided to come out that this sheltered spot is rather spectacular.

So glad I made the extra effort to walk the almost extra 1km (all uphill) to get here. Clearly, only myself and two other photogs felt so energetic at this early hour.

#europhotowalk #mist #earlystart #lake #BeautifulSnowdonia

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Another Place

I drove for 5hrs to capture this cast iron statue as part of the #europhotowalk weekend. Definitely a place to revisit and another tick to my photo bucket list.

More about the statues here:

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"It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop"
~ Confucious

I only went and chuffin passed my black belt pre-test.

Thank you Masters Sian and Wayne Humphries for all your patience and honesty - both are required in great measure for me.

#TangSoo #OneMoreStep #KeepGoing

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