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Check out my new novel!

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I published a book on Amazon (Kindle version only). It's called "Rabbit's Foot," (<a href=""></a>
)--an adventure story that takes you on a journey through the topic of luck. Here's a brief description:

Tom Meacham is a lost soul. Once a successful author of crime thrillers, Tom's luck has run out. Depressed, unable to write, and desperate for a second chance at success, he moves to Las Vegas, hoping a radical change will help him start over. By chance, he meets Bethany Belsen, a girl with an incredible talent: she's a living lucky charm who tilts the odds in favor of anyone nearby.

Tom realizes Bethany's gift can transform his life beyond imagining. But other people are hunting Bethany too, and will do anything to get control of her and her luck. 

How far would you go for a rabbit's foot that really works? 
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