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Shane Keene
Web developer, Linux aficionado, writer and musician
Web developer, Linux aficionado, writer and musician

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Just FYI: If you are a Kubuntu, Mint KDE, etc., user you can update your KDE SC to 4.11 by adding the kubuntu backports ppa. (e.g., sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports) and then running an update/upgrade.

Your mileage may vary but it's running fine (and faster than 4.10, believe it or not) on my Mint box. Now to go upgrade it on my Arch system :-)

Probably a dumbass question but... can someone tell me what the difference is between Calligra Author and Calligra Words. Been playing with them for a few days and I can't see a single difference for the life of me.

A question for anyone who might know the answer: is there any intention of adding tiling capabilities back to Kwin or is that completely off the table now?

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Exciting news, at least to me.  Includes "Initial experimental support for Wayland".

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Current KDE setup on Arch Linux. Still needs some tweaking but getting there.
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Dear moderators, can you add a rule to the README that says: Posts containing those nauseating animated screenshots will be deleted on sight?

I'm mostly joking but, at the same time, I find that to be the most obnoxious fucking "feature" G+ has ever implemented.
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