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Sandeep Vij
Licensed professional, Single Male, Delhiite. Trying To Do Many Things. Spreading Thin, By Design.
Licensed professional, Single Male, Delhiite. Trying To Do Many Things. Spreading Thin, By Design.

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Starting Off With Once Upon In India
Feb. 20, 2017, Monday was a good day to start off with "Once Upon In India". ".. We are surrounded by Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Bay Of Bengal. Our neighbours are Bhutan (Happiness Index ones), Nepal, Tibet (Free Tibet! Free Tibet!), China, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Pakistan (breaking, self imploding). .."
"Once Upon In India" Project takes off
".. An Entrepreneur from India yearned to earn a living and make himself useful for the world around him. This Project "Once Upon In India" covers 'Boy Slender Frame', his 'Slender Frame Enterprises' under which lie all works of BSF. .."
Sandeep Vij was there .. his avatar is Boy Slender Frame .. But Sandeep Vij sometimes calls himself an avatar after BSF. This has no hidden implication. :-)
#OnceUpon #InIndia #Project #TakesOff #Starts  
All the Blogger Posts under BSF and SFE will be shared by this Blogger at Once-Upon-in-India. That's how it is.

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The truth about Akbar, the Mughal Barbarian Pig. एक बेशुमार कमीना, एक उस हरामज़ादी नस्ल का बेहतरीन नुमाईंदा |
For the pseudo secularists and #swines here in India, safely esconced in publications like The Times Of India and elsewhere, read the truth about your Darling #Akbar, the #Mughal Barbarian Pig.
#secularists #Truth #History #barbarian #barbaric #WakeUpHindu #WakeUp #Hindu #SupportEachOther
Dig…/mughal-rajput-wa… .
लापरवाह सूअर और आज़ादी के मायने ना समझने वाले, आज़ादी को एक हल्का फुल्का पैदायशी हक समझने वाले इसे ज़रा पढ़ लें | The swines and the reckless consumers of freedom who think that freedom is their birth right and that everything is hunky dory, should read this. You all should know what actually Akbar was. He was a barbarian, just another representative of the barbaric cult.

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Navratras Time, Shiva Murti, Ramayana in background. Great.
Shiv Murti B Block Janakpuri, Delhi. October 7, 2016 - Navratras are on, in the background you can hear extracts from a TV Serial on The Ramayana. #Shiva #Ramayana #Sculpture #JanakPuri #Delhi #Video  
The camera is jurassic, but my devotion is full full! :-)
कॅमरा पुराना है पर मेरी भक्ति तो परिपूर्ण है ! आपका क्या ख्याल है?, ओ मेरे प्यारे भक्तगण दोसतों! .. समय तो नवरात्रों का है, शिव की मूर्ति सामने है, और पीछे रामायण का उल्लेख या गायन हो रहा है| यह द्रश्य जनकपुरी दिल्‍ली का है|

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Sports Persons And Sports Teams Of The World.
Hello All! I have embarked on another project on internet now, on cyber sphere, and it is about Sports Persons And Sports Teams Of The World, and it is temporarily being called likewise - "Sports Persons And Sports Teams Of The World". It has a Facebook Page, A Blogger Blog (Blogspot), and a Twitter Handle. You may find the addresses from Posts on the Blog itself.
Both Facebook and Blogger of the Project are are slated to hold brief snippets from news items from conventional media on World Sports Championships' Podium finishers in the form of individual posts. Podium finishers are Gold, Silver, Bronze Medal winners, you know that. Project includes Sports Teams also certainly as the name signifies.
The post will of course carry a link back to the parent article or the source article on the news website. Facebook Page has been assigned the task of posting some additional stuff too for engagement, interest etc.
C'mon everybody, let's make this a success. World's Sports Persons. :-) "They Win Medals, They Break Records, They Accomplish Feats, They Are Icons Established." Honestly speaking this is again a gigantic project in itself, you know, because if you think about it, there are so many World Sporting Championships happening daily and to even surf for the news items is a task. ...
... To cut it short, visit the Blog for a Dekho.
#Sports #WorldSports #PodiumFinish #GoldSilverBronze #SportsPersons #SportsTeams  

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Web Address on the Rio Olympic Games 2016 at Rio de Janeiro serves as Value Addition. This has separate pages on every sport of these Olympiad and each contains its own customised Twitter Box. Tweets are updated in real time of course. Must Visit.
#Rio2016 #OlympicGames #Twitter #Tweets #AllSports  

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The Medals Tally at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games of 2016. Stay updated via the Twitter Box on this Page. Interesting.
#Olympics2016 #MedalsTally
Also go right away also to figure who all are the medal prospects, the medal probables. Hopes, expectations are being tweeted away constantly..

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Hey! I look better.
Under the Central Government's Scheme to issue Identity Cards to all citizens fo India, the UIDAI people came to my Block C2B, Janak Puri, Delhi. They took photos. They asked me to remove my spects. Something is not right here. I wear spects all the time. Why did they ask me to remove my spects? Photo is morphed anyway. And this is a Government Programme! Goodness.
#UIDAI #Aadhaar #SocialSecurity #IdentityCard #Governmental I Look Better!

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Promotional Campaigns By Kind Attention Project!
#Promotions #Marketings Blogger is one of their Platforms. Others are on Wordpress, Twitter, Facebook. Interesting.

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Restaurants in Delhi's residential areas are not exactly a boon, but actually a menace and a bane for civilised folks. Here is an experience encapsulated. All concerned citizenry must organise themselves and rid Delhi of this menace. Restaurants are supposed to be in designated places, and not just about anywhere. They are not supposed to be just about at any place where MCD (Municipal Corporation Of Delhi) feels like.
#Restaurants #Delhi #Residential  

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