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Fran M

People do things for love u say; or do they make up that saying to do things they wanna do! I believe that saying has been used in different terms! I mean what is love, it comes in different forms. I believe right or have learned or have watched before me: Some is true, some comes in falling in love, some comes scary ( the kind you wanna run from, but can't leave because you love so much .. But wanna hold on forever ... Or the kind of love when the other is saying they love you but they are hurting you and your blinded by that love. We as human beings what that love, we are convinced in a womb feeling nothing but love, and being held first by love. But of course ..after that: we see love a different way: I believe it is how it is shown in the house hold and how you are being treated as you are growing up. Then that's how you are reaching out for that love. I mean why chase a guy that treats you badly when deep down inside you know your worth so much! Women these days never know the true beauty they are by how they are known by society and how guys hold them. I mean let's look girls on magazine or the models: everyone is a standard size 0-4.. But I guess I shouldn't say anything people are into the common trend fast food. It is hard to buy healthy food. But of course people aren't showing the true standard size or how people see themselves.
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