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Recently, I've been noticing a lot of creeps coming out of the woodwork and crawling out from underneath long-undisturbed rocks. It pisses me off. I've been trying not to rant on other people's threads, so I'm doing it here, in my own corner of the intarwebs.

When you're a creep, you come across as being creepy/stalkerish/offensive/aggressive/boorish/frightening. When you're a creep on social media, you run the risk of being unfollowed, ignored, blocked, reported, and/or becoming the subject of a report to local law enforcement. If that's what you want, keep doing what you're doing.

If a someone posts a photo and you think they look great, tell them so. Public selfies are NOT* an invitation for you to comment that you'd like to rape them, undress them, dive into their crotch, or spout some other sexual/violent innuendo. What the actual hell is WRONG with you people?! You know better than that.

If you want to be perceived as a considerate, decent, attractive human being, you could probably benefit from reading through two sites:

1. Dr. Nerdlove's Don't Be A Creeper

2. John Scalzi's Incomplete Guide to Not Creeping

Some key points from these two that apply particularly to online interactions:

"Women have to gauge every interaction with men, especially men they don’t know, on whether or not he presents a threat to her. This is the unspoken subtext for every time a guy talks to a girl, sends a Facebook friend request or asks her out." (Dr. Nerdlove, On Male Privilege and Being Creepy)

"Women already have to fear for their safety on a daily basis… the last thing you need to do is remind her that, oh yes, you represent a potential threat to her. This means that there are certain jokes that you just shouldn’t make. Jokes about rape, abduction, physical assault or murder are off the table. Period. Too many women have experienced physical or sexual threats and violence for you to jokingly suggest that you might kidnap or rape her." (Dr. Nerdlove, Watch Your Fucking Language)

"Now, it’s possible you may also be socially awkward, or have trouble reading other people’s emotions or intentions, or whatever. This is your own problem to solve, not anyone else’s. It is not an excuse or justification to creep on other people." (John Scalzi)

"Acknowledge that other people do not exist just for your amusement/interest/desire/use." (John Scalzi)

" If you can’t make a conversation without trying to shoehorn suggestive or sexually-related topics into the mix, then you know what? You can’t make conversation." (John Scalzi)

This is mostly directed at guys creeping on girls, but it works with ANY gender combination. Get your actual shit together.

#rant   #creepers  

*except in certain private groups/communities

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By 'now', they mean sometime this fall.

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Your day may be improved by reading this.

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I've decided this was payback for the hellhound and its 6d6 fire damage I threw at my first level party Saturday night.
Guess who was a dumbass and grabbed a pan-handle fresh out of a 400 degree oven last night? The steak was worth it, but #ouch.

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Her new site is lovely and the blog post is important - it's about a struggle some of us are very familiar with.

I'm really glad her body won out over her brain. She has this way with words that gives a voice to those who need one.
Please enjoy my latest blog on those moments when you try to absentmindedly smother yourself to death! 😘 #Crohns #IBD #chronicillness

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Just for memory purposes.

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Animated Photo

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Sometimes you just HAVE to get a screenshot. #WoW #Warcraft #TrustInLordIllidansArse

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I don't hunt zucchini anymore. I found it absolutely overwhelming.
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