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Week 4 Question
When Iqbal begins to work with Eshan Kahn, he is very enthusiastic. On page 96, Eshan says, "It's Iqbal who worries me. He's so enthusiastic, but he's rash." What does he mean by this, and how is this statement a bit of foreshadowing of future events? (This...

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Week 3 Discussion Question:
When Eshan Khan came with Iqbal from the Liberation Front, he took the children to freedom.  On page 85, Fatima looks back at Hussain Khan's factory as they drove away and thought, "After the bend in the road, the workshop disappeared, but that little bathr...

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Week 2 Question
Do you think that courage is the same think as bravery? Salman and Iqbal both show they are courageous boys.  Think about how both of the boys demonstrate their bravery and comment about one of them. Then, tell about a time you've been brave or courageous.
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