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I have a little project I'm working on... :D
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are you finished yet?
Haha! No ma'am not yet...
Went and looked at it. That's quite a project. Thought it was a tree house at first. What is it?
It's a small cabin. 8x10 interior 6x8 front porch. It'll have a sleeping loft as well making the living area a bit larger. 
You can always tell who is an Arky when the front porch is near as big as the interior (lol). You will have to post pics when it's done. So, is it a back yard project or for hunting or camping?
No kidding on the front porch! It's a retreat. I'm not a hunter but my kids like to so I'll go up and camp while they hunt. Truth be known, we really just like to be outside.
Us too! Just got a little camper to redo before Spring to go spend time camping. Nothing like a little camp fire and the outdoors. Have a great weekend. :^)
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