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$100,000 reward offered for my missing sister, Tracey Valesinis
week on the 5th July 2017, on what would have been my sister Tracey Valesini’s
45th birthday, the NSW Government offered a reward of $100,000 for information
leading to those responsible for her disappearance and suspected murder. I’ve
been thinking fo...

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I met some family members for the first time yesterday.
Stephen, me, and John Over the years I’ve had a few family
members that I had never met find us. They are family members that if they had
always been around, our family dynamics over the years would have been very
different. Although Unforgivable was clearl...

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Where have I been?
My family life, with the exception of my
married life, has been a mess for so long now, I’ve almost forgotten what it is
like for everything to be normal and avoided most social media. Anyone who knows me, or followed some
posts, will know what I am referri...

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The Reviews com au looks so very pretty today.
From  The Reviewers For those who love a battle for the throne and a good
historical fiction romp, Michael has a book for you! Seventeenth century Europe and the continent is one big power play for a group of ambitious men with power in their sights. Among ...

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Look what arrived today…
  Finally, proof and reader copies of Playing with Fire. Straight away I can see that the cover needs to be a fixed a
little, but the matt cover makes the book feel a little velvety like a rose J

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Turned 50 and celebrated 20 years of marriage yesterday
It was quiet for various reasons, but I arrived home today from doing a course and one of my oldest friends from school days sent me a lovely little gift of flowers and wine.

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Goodreads and Amazon giveaways - Playing with Fire
There is a print competition to many countries on Goodreads  until 18th April 2016   and a world wide giveaway (free) kindle file on all Amazon sites until 26th & 27th April (US time)

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Excerpt Playing with Fire
Excerpt   Playing with Fire 1658,  Heidelberg   Castle ,  Heidelberg , Palatine Bernadette kept staring at the little lizard, his tale
poking out from underneath a leaf on the ground. She didn’t want to hear another
word from her brother and didn’t want to ...

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Inspiration for Playing with Fire
  What’s a girl to do?   Rewrites finished late, the wrong kindle file is on
preorder, I have no advance copies, and book is on sale in three days!   For anyone who has already pre-orderd the Kindle file,
update it a few hours after the release date.   But ...

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