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Biometrics in schools
Privacy, civil liberties, biometrics, fingerprint, schools, fingerscan, students rights, parental consent
Privacy, civil liberties, biometrics, fingerprint, schools, fingerscan, students rights, parental consent

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After the appalling iris scanning of 750 Florida school children in May 2013, without their parents knowledge, to get on a school bus Senator Dorothy Hukill introduced two bills to the Florida Senate, SB232 and SB188, and Senator Jake Raburn introduced HB195, all dealing with biometrics in schools. #biometrics   #privacy   #childrensrights  

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The take up of biometric technology in UK schools is as low as 34% with schools, by law, now requiring written parental consent - why is public money being spent on a not fit for purpose, inefficient technology?
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Will Big Brother Be Watching Your Kids? (newly titled Yahoo article)
Just look how invasive biometrics can be in the classroom with this article from Yahoo attractively entitled 'Biometrics Help Teachers Track Students' Every Move'.
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UK Schools act as 'agents' for private corporations storing children's biometrics.
In an answer to a Freedom of Information Request (FOIR) a high school recently responded:
"...this school holds no biometric data of the pupils; the system was bought by and is managed by the BSF PPP Facility Management Company.
We neither own the system nor have access to it. 
We are under no obligation to provide information relating to conversations, nor on the biometric system itself, which has been neither gifted to us nor is our property or personal responsibility. We have acted as an agent for the FM provider in obtaining parental/guardian permission"
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Think again when you are told school biometric systems cannot exchange data and school fingerprint databases are not compatible with other databases. 

Northrop Grunman, a leading global security company that runs the UK Police fingerprint and DNA database and works with governments, the Armed Forces, civil agencies and private sector companies all around the world, supplies biometric systems for children in schools. 

"AD&S provides biometric machines for companies ranging from defense contractors like Northrop Grumman Corp. to a small Atlanta airliner to more than 40 schools districts."

It is of no matter that this story comes from the US. Our UK government has no idea of the biometric technology used in UK schools, how secure it is, who supplies - No checks are carried out at all, we know this through Freedom of Information requests.
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USA - Schools in York City School District, Pennsylvania, have scrapped fingerprint biometrics for lunch payments after a complaint by a parent at Jackson Elementary over concerns of how "their children's finger prints were being used and they were not properly notified"    By speaking out, effect can be made.

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Blacon High School, Chester, UK take the maximum time under the law to explain its non compliance to answer a Freedom of Information request about biometrically fingerprinting children #biometric #biometricsinschools

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A concerned parent has set up a social media page logging concerns over a biometric system recently implemented.  #biometric #biometricsinschools #biometriclaw
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