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Mrs Mac suggests - What to read in APRIL
Hello! hello! and Springtime greetings. Well the date has come and gone, and the daffs are flowering, but there isn't enough of that lovely Spring sunshine just yet..... come on, come on! While we are all waiting, let's have a look at what to read in April....

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The Spring is Sprung....
My  Mum, who has been gone a very long time, pops into my head from time to time, unannounced.  I had not thought about this little rhyme for some years now, but my Mum used to say it on the first day of spring every year when I was small. What is it?  Wher...

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Pereira Maintains - Antonio Tabucchi
 Doctor Pereira was a newspaper reporter, crime pages, for years.  He finds himself now in late middle age editing the "culture" page of a new evening newspaper.  It's 1938, Portugal is under the grip of the dictator Salazar, who is supported politically by...

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The Draghtsman - Robert Lautner
 Set in Germany towards the end of WW2, this extraordinary tale explores
that old adage about what happens when mankind sees something but does
nothing. Ernst is married to a beautiful wife, his soulmate. They live
hand to mouth in a couple of small ro...

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Sweet Thursday - John Steinbeck
Last year (Wednesday 10 August 2016, so that you can find it on my date index if you want to read it), I spoke about John Steinbeck's Cannery Row, an American classic and a book new to me. Oh! I loved it all - the prose, the larger than life characters, and...

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Just before Spring at Pine Tree Cottage
Anything popping up in your garden yet?  Some years ago I took the decision
to plant only miniature daffodils (there were no daffs, big or small at that time).  They are small, and they don't multiply fast, but
this year is definitely the best, and they a...

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Come and say hello!
I am as guilty of being a stalker as most blog followers - I mean, how many times do you open a blog, read the contents and then skip on to the next?  I know!  Me too!  Every now and then I am moved to make a comment - but not every day. When I first starte...

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Gathering Blue - Lois Lowry
  This is a companion volume to The Giver - and there are two more, making a quartet.  But don't think that this follows the story of The Giver on, because is does not.  It isn't meant to.  It is another tale of the future , but a different future.  Perhaps...

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Mrs Mac suggests..... What to read in March
March being a longer month than February, perhaps a fat read is in order?  Fantasy?  Perhaps you don't like it, although you may have read all the Harry Potters. Yes, for March, I am suggesting: A
book with a   fictional animal Because in case you hadn't he...

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The House on Mango Street - Sandra Cisneros
Enchanting!  That's how I must describe this tiny little gem.  Sandra Cisneros is a Latino/Hispanic? American.  This is not an ethnic group in the UK like it is in the USA, but I find an empathy whenever I come across a writer from this group - even though ...
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