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Hi, is anyone in Australia interested in buying any of the following RPGs from me:
- Dungeon Crawl Classics (with a couple of modules I can throw in)
- Spirit of the Century
- Lamentations of the Flame Princess (2003 edition)
- Pendragon 1st edition

No idea how much they're worth really so make me an offer. I would also be willing to trade for no-prep one-shot games like Fiasco or Polaris or something :)
Feel free to hit me up even if you're not in Australia, it's just that the shipping might be a bit prohibitive.

Been reading over 'The People of the Pit' and 'The Emerald Enchanter' (some spoilers for these obviously) - I really like them but they both seem pretty easy to beat by simply retreating and resting regularly, and indeed both booklets acknowledge this as an optimal strategy. There aren't any disincentives I can see for retreating, except that in PoP you might occasionally be trapped in the dungeon for a short while. Judging from past experience my players are likely to exploit this to the hilt.

I was thinking of making the enemies in both adventures more proactive, perhaps hunting the PCs, drawing on reinforcements, or laying ambushes. I especially like the idea of having the Emerald Enchanter harass the players throughout his dungeon rather than just appearing twice at predetermined points.

Any thoughts on this? I'm especially interested in other people's experiences with the modules in question.

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Hey, I'm looking for people interested in playtesting a playset that I wrote. It's based on Jack Vance's Dying Earth series. I'm especially looking for fans of the Dying Earth, but anyone interested in weird fantasy is welcome. You can read the playset here:

Some people have been saying that fumbles get repetitive after a while. Has anyone thought about different tables for different weapon types? Worse fumbles for big heavy weapons, less worse for daggers or fisticuffs.

What do y'all think of the "lucky roll" mechanic? Seems kinda fiddly and pointless to me, do you think anything would be lost by ditching it?

Is DCC compatible with other OSR-type material, such as homebrew classes? It seems like most homebrew classes would be lacking reference to crit tables and action dice, but you could just map them onto whichever class fits best, right? e.g. "this Orangutan is kind of like a thief variant so just use the thief tables." Anyone have experience with doing this?

Another newb question 'cause I'm too cheap to just buy the PDF: What's the difference between a patron and a god? If a wizard gets spells from his patron and a cleric gets spells from her god, what's the difference exactly?

Ho there DCC players, could you tell me if the DCC book includes monsters and magic items? And if so what's the quality of them like?

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