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inventor of lifescape astrology
inventor of lifescape astrology

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A cheater brings lot of misery in your life. for a man it not only means loss, but also lot of emotional pain and a crying heart seeking avenge but nothing much can be done. for a  man cheating is bigger crime that rape is for a woman.

Now we have published how to know whether some one is cheat from his birth chart. so astrologers can take advantage of this signature, and say good bye to cheaters.

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“Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful." -Joshua J. Marine

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Data required for breast cancer

I have explained how to see breast cancer from lifescape astrology

Now I have to prove that this signature works 100 percent. for that i need to make a sample group. visiting hospitals etc is expensive for me.

so if you have breast cancer data, please post it here. if you do not want to disclose name , just put abbreviated name or "data by you"

in case i receive more than 20 cases, i will explain them in an article and calculate the coefficient of correlation.

this is an opportunity for everybody to prove that our lives are predetermined.

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in the same spirit,
see our article opposing evil

in fact opposing evil gives faster results ie karma yoga of gita, gives faster results, than bhakti yoga or meditation as well.
●विजयदशमी की हार्दिक मंगलकामनाएं !● 

what is the exact equivalent for hindi word "Ghabarahat" or "ghabra jana"

say something has gone wrong, and suddenly you get afraid, but afraid is 
a stronger word, it also means, that you have lost courage or your decison making is affected.

I am looking for a situation where one is just apprehensive about what will follow, and which involves his psyche only and not mind.

next and higher word to this is fearful. which in cosmic language is venus-hygeia adverse angle.

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I have put up the signatures for breast cancer on following link

astrologers, who are interested may make the charts with online programme, and test the data of their clients. In case you want to prescribe gemstone, you may also consult us.

we have examined the depression signature, on astordatabank category, signature is giving 100 percent resutls.

depression is an area , where astrologers can help and not doctors.

breast cancer astrology
whether any astrologer is interested in research of breast cancer signature. thy should have sufficient data on breast cancer.
If so please write to me.
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