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Peter “MintSpider” Paterson
AKA: TheSpider, MintSpider, Spider Spinotti
AKA: TheSpider, MintSpider, Spider Spinotti


Our church prayer & Bible study group meditated on Mathew 5:27-30 tonight. A section about committing sexual sin our heart.
Since our teaching elder was out sick with a cold, and I was the only elder there, the group looked to me to lead the study!
The Holy Spirit surely guided!
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On a soft-rock kick.
America yesterday.
Bread today.
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The June 2018 edition of David Dunlap's newsletter, Bible & Life,
is now ready and online at:
This latest newsletter is on the subject:
True Living Faith
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If you walk outside in Kentucky right now you will find that the heat is hot, and you will see plants and birds and rocks and things.
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Space Force?
Don't we already have Stargate Command?
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Truly hope +Arianna Paterson has a magical day!
Happy birthday to my wonderful wife.
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That moment when.... you arrive home after walking 2 miles in 93'F heat at the Horse Park, take off your shoes, and recline back in your chair!
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Arianna & I had a wonderful lunch & fellowship at El Charro Mexican Restaurant.
Their Health Dept score is 100%
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Studying Ecclesiastes 11:9 to 12:8, for pinch hit teaching Arianna's Sunday School Teen Class tomorrow.
12:1a "Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth, Before the difficult days come,.."
Looking forward to studying this together!
#Bible #Ecclesiastes
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It's amazing how much driving around we do. Just this morning, I locally drove 43 miles, which was just over an hour behind the wheel.
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