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The Mom Life of Working Out
Three years ago this month I stepped on the scale and weighed more than I weighed nine months pregnant with the girls. I had thrown my scale out when we moved a year and a half before and that year that followed was pretty rough so I figured all that junk s...

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Would the Stay at Home Moms Quit Complaining about their Kids Being Home for the Summer
I get now why there are mommy wars, and why hard as I might try I have a hard time fully staying out of them so I'm sure I'm going to anger a few people here but hear me out first before you stomp away in anger. (Also there isn't anyone in particular that I...

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Goals and POA (Plan of Action)
I know it's not the New Year when we all tend to make new goals. Back at the beginning of this new year I was feeling a little lost and conflicted on my goals. I always feel like as educators we face two "new years" though, and I feel a little more sure of ...

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Why the Experts aren't "experts" on my Parenting
I know the experts mean well when trying to advise parents of the “perfect ideal” way to “successfully” raise our children, but I think there are a few factors in their research they don’t have their facts straight on. Though science classes were long ago i...

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Time for "Our People"
As a kid you watch and at times mimic your parents. Though as we get older there are times we resist them and their philosophies and life teachings, before we realize it all that time with them shaped and molded us and before we know it we become extensions...

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Why I Left My Kids Behind for My Marriage
Over my past eight years of marriage as parents I’ve watched
other parents leave their kids behind with family for anywhere from a few days
to weeks to take trips or true vacations alone with their significant other.
I’ve often caught myself looking at them...

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To the Child that's Just Like Me
I looked into your hazel eyes that were turning greener by the minute as they pooled with tears and as I looked into eyes so like own I saw the reflection of me past the similiar eyes down to the similar emotions that always opened the floodgates. So just a...

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The Lesson of the Poop Emoji
Does the tween phase start at like age 8? The emotional drama of mine lately has me cringing and wanting to curl into the fetal position in fear for the pre puberty/puberty adolescent years ahead. And my eight year old has always been my easiest child?!?! S...

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Find the Blessing
My thirteenth year of my career and twelfth here in Maryland draws to a close this week. I know by now I have to take the bad years with the good years. I know this; yet I still let the rough ones like this past year drag me down into a dark hole. I have ne...

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Teenage Angst
We watched just finished watching the Netflix Original  13 Reasons Why. As a parent and an educator the show left many troubling thoughts in my mind. The show really hit on the drama of adolescents that sometimes I think we as adults overlook as kids just b...
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