Ok, guys, lazyweb time.. But please read the question first, because I will aggressively delete comments that don't actually answer the question (and by "aggressively", I mean "randomly and capriciously when I decide I've had enough and you've acted like enough of an ass, and I want to show you who the real ass is").

I want to add a home NAS box, but I'm looking for something that is

 (a) dead simple (yeah, no, I'm not building my own even if I could). So I'm looking for "add disks, connect to ethernet, fire up browser for simple setup, go"

 (b) reliable, ie at the very least mirroring. I've hard too many disks go bad on me over the years, and I want redundant disks (or ssd's).

 (c) reasonable for a home: physically small and quiet. 

I'm sure something like that should exist and some people here could give recommendations. I'm thinking just plain RAID1 mirroring, simply because I don't want the kind of bulk and cooling that goes with having an enclosure that does lots of disks.. But you can try to convince me otherwise (not on the noise level, though).

Rules of the game:

 *1* If you haven't used it or don't know people you trust that use it, don't mention it.

 *2* If somebody else already mentioned it, don't mention it again, just "+1" the first one.

 *3* If it doesn't do physical redundancy or is big and bulky or otherwise doesn't fulfill the requirements, don't mention it, no matter how much you love it. Sorry.

Also, if it's ridiculously expensive, don't mention it unless it's also ridiculously cool and otherwise would fit the bill ("This beast costs an arm and a leg, but it takes eight mSATA SSD's and does RAID51 over them, and you can hold it in the palm of your hand and/or take it scuba-diving with you").

Gigabit ethernet preferred, but this is meant more as a reliable backup and media device than any kind of speed demon. And not only do I want it to be physically small, it can also be pretty small in actual capacity. I'm not putting movies on it, so we're talking hundreds of gigs, not tens of terabytes. 

If it runs Linux, that's obviously a plus, but no, I'm not looking for something to play with. Quite the reverse. I'm looking for something I can ignore and not worry about.
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