The people I dive with know that I love octopus. They are by far the most interesting creature under water - they are smart, they change color and shape, and they are just plain cool.

And up here in the NW, we don't exactly have an abundance of interesting things under water. The GPO (giant pacific octopus) pretty much singlehandedly makes up for the lack. Seeing just one will make a dive for me. Seeing multiple (particularly if they are out and about - most of the time they hide deep in some crevasse) makes for some of the best dives I've had.

The GPO only lives few years, and when a female is guarding its eggs, it will stop eating, just protecting the eggs and blowing water over them to keep them growing. The octopus then dies after the eggs hatch.

So the fact that there are apparently divers that catch these things is disturbing. Doing so while the poor octopus is guarding its eggs is downright barbaric. 
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