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Barbara Edwards
Author, Civil War re-enactor, mother, wife
Author, Civil War re-enactor, mother, wife

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Here’s What’s Happening in Nebraska: An Author Trio: Annette Snyder, Toni Sweeney and Loree Peery
                                                   Annette Snyder Shares:   _____________________ Garage sale season is on!   It’s a great time of the year to score something I never knew I needed
for a price I never thought I’d get for that which I didn’...

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Lovely photos
Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Lakes-Resident, Laura Vosika
So our license
plates tell us. But that’s only because Land of 11,842 Lakes More than Ten
Acres and More if You Count All the Smaller Lakes Plus 6,500 Miles of Streams
and Rivers lacks that poetic flow—in addition to not fitting so well on a
license plate! ...

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Great info
The Writer’s Loft, a Unique Writing Group in Massachusetts
My Massachusetts post dropped and my
standbys were all swamped with work.   That’s
a good thing for a writer.   It’s even
better that, in the event of a drop, I get to highlight another writing group
so, here’s something unique I discovered on my search. Th...

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Iowa’s Cultural and History Impacts Developing Writer By Gayle M. Irwin
When a
person thinks of Iowa, chances are one, two, or all three of the following come
to mind: corn, soybeans, and pigs. My father raised each of these on our small
farm located in the southeastern part of the state. Iowa is a fertile state,
and according ...

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Charter Oak Romance Writers: Join Deborah Ann Davis on April 8, 2017 for a sample of DIY computer doohickeys you can add to your arsenal of author tricks. Use them for websites, business cards, blog posts, postcards, bookmarkers, social media posts…you name it! Feeling a little Tech Challenged? Share these ideas with your webmaster and have them do it. Bring your computer so you can try a few yourself. Bring a friend!

Regular business meeting at 10 a.m., and Deb's presentation to follow at:
72 Maple Street, Bristol CT 06010 (this is a former elementary school on the corner of Stern St).

Hope to see everybody there!

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Lovely state!
Settling of Idaho Leads to Inspiration with Resident, Julie Weston
Idaho is a state of contrasts—from farmland to mines to sagebrush
steppe to rocky mountains, to blue lakes and white water rivers.   Shoshone, Nez Perce and other Indian tribes
peopled the varied geography.   They met, guided,
and saved Lewis and Clark on t...

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Stop over for a look at Amy Reade’s Hawaii Comment for your chance to win a prize. Have a great day!

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