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Sometimes you feel like a nut.
Sometimes you feel like a nut.


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Imagine you went to sleep with a strap around your head. The strap contained sensors that read your brain patterns/visual memory, and was connected to an iPad-like device on your nightstand. When you wake up in the morning, there's a video of your dreams, recorded on the iPad. Sound like complete and utter fantasy? From the breakthroughs made by these scientists, this sounds like it could become a reality in our lifetime...

If it does ever happen, I'm calling it now: it'll be a new art form, or at the very least, cool fodder for viral videos on YouTube. Who will be the coolest "dream artist" on YouTube of 2025? (Though this article doesn't mention it, I'm guessing it could also one day have sound.)

Update: A different story on controlling your dreams, from Scientific American:
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