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We're The Plus Girls, high-level Google Plus Consultants!
Do you have any idea how important Google plus has become? If you don't you may get left behind in the world of SEO! Get out of the stone age and into the new age! We are the The Plus Girls, a group of high-level Google Plus Consultants, at your service! 
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Backlinks VS Google +1 Shares...What Wins?

Let’s just put this out there for a minute: SEO isn’t dead, but the way it used to work is. Most people still today think that they need silly things like backlinks with PageRank to position a site in the SERPs, when in reality what they really need is a good Google Plus consultant! The truth is, none of that silly  backlink stuff matters anymore. Yep, you heard us right: none of that matters. What really matters is social metrics. The web is moving to all that social jazz…that’s what is truly high level right now, and if you don’t understand that, then you just plain don’t know what you’re talking about. 

Think you’re going to rank for something competitive like “payday loans” with silly stuff like high PR anchored backlinks? Think again junior! You need social shares. Social shares can blast you up to the top of the SERPSs before you can say Matt Cutts three times fast! A lot of people don’t understand Google Plus, and that’s OK, because we do! As Google Plus Consultants, we are the ones who truly understand the game and know what needs to happen in order to get to the top of page one. People throw around a lot of figures when they talk about social metrics, and if you don’t understand what they are talking about that’s ok…it just means you aren’t quite high level yet, but we can help you get there! 

What are your goals for your site? To get traffic from keywords…that’s wrong! Those shouldn’t be your goals…your goals should be to get qualified visitors that actively engage with your custom tailored content measured by a number or KPI factors divided by the performance ratio of your brand. It’s ok if that doesn’t make sense to you too…again, that’s some pretty high level stuff there, but as a group of four women you really care about our customers, we go the extra mile to make them feel OK and understand what’s going on! 

We can take your business from zero to hero, and your understanding from low level to high level in a short amount of time! Before you know it, you’ll be sharing on Google Plus and other social networks as a primary means of traffic generation! And this is the best type of traffic because it’s incredibly qualified because people are sharing it on social networks instead of searching for it organically! If what we say resonates with you, then feel free to hit us up on our page and we can get to know you better! 
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We are The Plus Girls - an all female team of high-level Google Plus Consultants! Don't get stuck with a low-level SEO who relies on backlinks & other strategies from the stone age! We are based out of San Francisco, CA and ready to help! 
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We thought we'd take a moment to author a post on the importance of social metrics these days. The truth is that most people these are living in the dark ages of SEO...they are relying on backlinks, anchor text, PageRank, and other archaic figures. The cold hard truth is that none of of this matters anymore. Any SEOs who tell you that authoritative, high PR links matter don't really understand the complicated social metrics behind what ranks a site, and the wave of the future. We are talking about really high level stuff here.

Back in the day, people use to care about links and other stuff that's now obsolete. If you want to rank for even a high competition keyword, you should put most of your time into social metrics and basically disregard the rest, and when we're talking about social metrics, Google Plus is the name of the game. As Google Plus Consultants, we are people who truly understand the game, and know what it takes to get social shares and traffic to your site. 

We know what your thinking are thinking that social shares aren't strong enough to rank a site in a competitive niche...well, they are! And we would be happy to show you how it's done! The truth is that social shares don't really provide any authoritative backlinks, but then again, backlinks don't mean a thing anymore! The better way to go about things is to share your site, write articles, and get people to link to your through "positive engagement." You may be thinking that positive engagement is just a fancy way of saying "hope that people link to me" but if you feel that way, you truly don't understand the new, high-level SEO strategies. 

Again, we are The Plus Girls, and we'd be happy to show you how this works! Can your business afford to pass on what we have to offer? It can't! Duh! So get with the times, and get into the social game! We've got a saying that we like to use: "You're either in the social game or you aren't high level." Think about that for a moment. SEO is constantly changing and evolving...are you going to stay in the past and keep desperately trying to rank a site with the old ways of SEO, or get into the new game and jump on the social bandwagon? Get with the times, and get with us--The Plus Girls! 
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We are The Plus Girls, a group of high-level Google Plus Consultants! We are women who are passionate about social networks, especially Google Plus! 
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Thanks for stopping by our page! We are The Plus Girls, Google Plus Consultants out of San Francisco, CA. Stay tuned for more info to come! 
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