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Pacific Northwest Photography Workshop
Step into the land of the “Group of Seven” painters and capture the
essence of the Pacific Northwest. Our destination, Tofino, British Columbia. The Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, typifies the majesty of
the Pacific Northwest, boasting flawless n...

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The Largest Bald Eagle Migration in North America
Bald Eagle Workshop This photo tour is centered on the largest bald eagle migration in
North America. Between 2000 to 8000 bald eagles find their way to this area
beginning in October to feed on the spawning salmon. They then stay in the area
until later in...

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Best Location to Photograph Autumn Colors
Autumn Colors in Canada Join Chris Pepper and Kevin Pepper on our fall color in Canada workshop
in our backyard, Ontario, Canada. Together we will travel from the Great Lakes, visit the Waterfall
Capitol of the World and head north to the Iconic Algonquin P...

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Yukon Territory in Canada, a photographers dream location.
Yukon Landscapes in the Autumn “Kevin (K2) promised me an awesome trip up to Canada’s north... but i
had no idea i would be that amazed by the beauty of the landscapes and northern
lights. Thanks to Kevin and his teaching, i came home with images i was prou...

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Species Spotlight - The Orca Whale
Photo courtesy of Simon Pidcock Orca
whales are cetaceans, a large group of approximately 80 kinds of
whales, dolphins, and porpoises. The largest member of the dolphin
family (females can grow as large as 23 feet in length, while males can
reach 32 fee...

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Canada Spotlight - Beautiful British Columbia
nearly 1,000 Provincial Parks, National Parks, Marine Parks, Regional
Parks, Protected Areas, Conservancy Areas, and Ecological Reserves. Some
from volcanic rock and full of beauty and natural splendor, Vancouver
Island and the BC Gulf Island and D...

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Canada Destination Spotlight - Juan de Fuca Marine Trails
Juan de Fuca Marine Trail was created through the Commonwealth Nature
Legacy as an enduring reminder of the 1994 Victoria Commonwealth Games.
Preservation of a living legacy of unprecedented natural beauty,
accessible to all, was considered a fittin...

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Can you think of many areas virtually untouched by tourism? I can, and i introduce it to you today
Are there many areas left on this planet virtually untouched by
tourism? Can you think of any off the top of your head? I can, and I have had the pleasure to be traveling there for half a
decade with small groups of photographers just like you. The location...

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2016 Golden Eagle Festival in Mongolia
If you want to travel to a unique land that many will only ever
read about in magazines? Do you like to capture people in traditional
costumes, or visit working horse farms, maybe even photograph the 1000
year old tradition of eagle falconry on horse...

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