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Show & Tell (Your Stuff)  - 
Sorry if too OT, but these bits did come from the commuter bike!

Since swapping them out for bullhorns, I've had some cheapo bars and levers hanging around, so this weekend I made them into a coat rack with some scrap bits of oak.

All the other bike bits I had and was unlikely to use went to a local cycle-recycle place that makes low cost bikes out of people's old bits.
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David Hayward

Riding Safety  - 
Quality drains! As I was taking the first, a guy said "It's been like that for over a year".
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Where there is blame, there is a claim!

Get them reported to your council!
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David Hayward

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My honey seems to be lasting a lot longer in the works communal cupboard since I relabelled it'
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Lol :-D 
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+Mark Holcroft, you asked about the DIY headset press (+Abel Vaireka you might be interested too); here it is. It got the job done, but even doing one cup at a time, it was really difficult to keep it square. When they started off square, the rod not being perfectly central seemed to make it push one side in faster. Each time I either had to back it off and restart the cup, or push it over the other side to try and correct it. They went in flat eventually, but only after a few wonky attempts, so flat wood pads are probably not that much better than a hammer.

I think I'll order some nylon rod, then next time I'm near a metal lathe make some sets of round spacers to keep it centred in various size head tubes and cups. Probably a few hours work, but it'd make it into a decent press.
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That is an obviously great tip, thanks +Andy Tong!
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David Hayward

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Science and the Fenders Debate...

From time to time there have been people posting anecdotal stories that fenders somehow improve the cycling experience.  So the only way to find out is to try it.

Here's some pictures of a fendered bike.  As you can see above the 'plimsoll line' the bike is cleaner.  Below the line, it's filthy.  Here are my conclusions.

Close fitting fenders can reduce the amount of liquids splashed onto the rider and frame
'Flap' type fenders protect the rider to some extent, but force dirty water down onto the brakes and drivetrain.
Fenders offer no real protection to the important moving parts of a bike.
Fenders make maintenance & cleaning more difficult, resulting in a dirtier drivetrain.
They clog up with mud, so you have to poke it out with a stick.
Aesthetically they look worse on bikes with thin tyres than with fat tyres.

So the scientific conclusion is, if you ride with no fenders, you care about your bike, and you're a badass.
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Riding Hully Gully in Gisburn Forest yesterday, and testing a Shimano CM-1000
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Someone has lent me a Shimano CM-1000 to test. I've only been off road so far, but will try it on roads soon too. Initially, I like it a lot despite a few flaws.

The standard lens protector (the dome in the photo of it) creates a lot of lens flare in sunlight. Stills in this post are selected to show the worst of that, most of the footage is okay. It ships with a flat fronted lens protector for underwater use too; I'm going to try that next time it's sunny to see if it minimises the flare.

It's tiny and very light, but feels solid in your hand (non-UK people, that coin is just a tiny bit over one inch in diameter). I didn't really notice it on top of my helmet. Recording start and stop is indicated by patterns of beeps. You have to hold the record button down for quite a while to start and stop it, and sometimes it felt too long when I was waiting for it to start as the rest of the group set off. I think prefer the affirmative switch on Contours and Virbs.

The wifi app works well, though has very short range (that might be my phone though). Trying to set the angle up with a friend, I quickly rode too far away from it. It's a pretty well designed app and gives you straightforward access to a lot of settings that are more difficult to adjust using buttons on the camera itself.

The camera over saturates greens, which reminds me of stills taken with fuji velvia film, and it seems to deal well with changes in lighting conditions. I expected the footage to be crisper than this, but it's still pretty decent 1080p footage. The lower res/higher frame rate modes might do better, but I've not had a chance to try them yet.

The mounting system is also designed to be compatible with GoPro mounts.

So far: A few flaws, but there are a lot of things I like about this camera.
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No to both of those, as far as I can tell. It comes with a 16gb MicroSD card; that and the battery probably give it a few hours of continuous recording.
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Views from an afternoon blast around Calderdale.
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David Hayward

Your Bikes  - 
Built a Blue Pig. Took it on it's first ride today, down the trail it's named after :)
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Gotta love a Ragley!
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David Hayward

Photos & Video (General)  - 
Glad I only had to carry a one metre length of threaded rod home.

(making a headset press)
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I've done a few headsets like this and haven't had any problems... yet.

All on older frames mind you.
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David Hayward

Riding Safety  - 
Spotted on my way out of London today: guy salmoning up multi-lane road near Kings Cross, then turning into a side road through the blind spot of a massive truck as it was turning out of the same road.


He suddenly seemed to realise what he was doing as the side of the trailer started coming towards him, and hopped onto the pavement.
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Madness I had a nicer rider over take me as I was lagging after work let me ride behind him not many riders do that where im from actually gave me a boost of energy lol 
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David Hayward

Riding Safety  - 
What's the best way you've handled a confrontation with a driver? I'll add one to the comments later, but I'd really like to read other people's stories.

When I first started commuting I found it hard not to shout, but nowadays I find about half the time I end up having a quick discussion and getting an apology from them at the next lights.
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Yes, that's where I live :) Many people here back down from conflict habitually. Even if they come over all tough and shouty at first, they don't really know what to do if you respond assertively.
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Freelance stuff with the videogames industry.
After claiming they'd take photos and rebuild the soles exactly as they had been, they actually made a nice pair of zip up boots look like orthopedic army boots. They came back several weeks late with an extra half inch on the heel compared to new. So-called "metal flake" bed material they claimed would be incredibly durable lasted about 3 months before wearing down to the sole. Really wish I hadn't paid in advance.
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