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We're legends.
We're legends.

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Lemon Tart
Hey all! I haven't been posting much (what with all this stress) recently although I have been baking quite a bit. I just realized - I haven't shared a recipe in so long! Just guitar tabs and basically apologies... sorry. It's pretty widely known that the m...

Hey all! 
So I just wanted to say that I'm sorry if I've ever said anything harsh or lame. I lose my mind sometimes and I say stuff without thinking. I vent way too much. I love my viewers and followers and you guys are amazing. 
Zoya <3

My friends and I wrote a parody of 'Baby' by Justin Bieber based on Alexander the Great. Guess what it's called?
Go ahead, I'm ridiculous.

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My April Fool's Day Pranks!
Hey all! As I said I would yesterday, I have pranked, pranked, and pranked! I swear it was hilarious. None of my pranks failed their purposes, and I also got pranked once by my friends and supervisor that I was getting detention... and there was also an emo...

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Oh HI!
Hey all! So I'm at school right now, planning jokes with my best friends for tomorrow - April 1st! I can't wait! Happy April Fool's eve, and I'll post all my 13 tricks tomorrow! Stay awesome <3 Zoya :) Choueifat is life <3

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What's On My Playlist?
Hey all! You guys all know how much I love music so much! I can't live without music, I have to have it every day or I'll just die. I play the guitar (and am going to larn the piano too! Yay!) and love to replicate any song I can with my electric and acoust...

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DIY Dry Shampoo
Hey all! With the exam season going on, I'd bet you guys will be so busy studying, studying, and studying every second of the day you can spare, and for us girls with hair that's past shoulder-length (I'm so sorry for those girls with waist-length hair!), i...

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Love Story Chords - Taylor Swift
Hey all! Okay, sorry, sorry, sorry, SORRY I haven't posted in two months! I know, I'm ridiculous. ^_^ So busy with school (the regular excuse...) and home events I've been going crazy! My sister's wedding, my Year Seven semester finals (my average was 93!),...
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