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"Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript." - Atwood's Law (
"Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript." - Atwood's Law (

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Reshare this like your life depends on it ;)
We're excited to start discussions with the Phoenix area to bring Google Fiber there. Share this graphic to let your neighbors know the news. Learn more and sign up for updates:

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Super excited!
Check out our Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Celebration Video

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Had a lot of fun giving this talk.  It is jam packed with information.  Check it out!
Here's our video on how to make a game, test, and deploy to +Mozilla Firefox OS using FrozenJS

FirefoxOS Game Development with FrozenJS

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/cc +Luis Montes 
Calling all HTML5 Game developers : Be an author in a new book by Google and Apress

Recently, Peter Lubbers, Sean Bennett and I saw a huge amount of success launching our HTML5 Games-Programming course for UDACITY ( ; We've already had 85,000 students go through the course, and the numbers keep growing.
The feedback has been amazing, and it’s clear that there’s tons more education to cover in this space, especially in the area of content from successful HTML5 game developers, talking about their craft. 

We aim to fix this, and are teaming with Apress ( to publish a new recipes style book entirely with professional game-dev articles on making HTML5 games, with all the grit and gore that comes with the process.
If you're a professional HTML5 game developer, we'd love to add your voice to this effort!


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He likes his macbook air so much! +Luis Montes 

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More info on the stuff I found last night
Code explanation of the Chromecast change, for those curious about why I say it was intentionally disabled. The following is the HTML/JavaScript receiver code used by Chromecast extension app that is shown on the Chromecast itself.

Three new lines of code to short circuit everything but mirroring:

if("mirror_tab" != a) {
    return null;

And also the "slideshow" code  has really been around since release.

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I stumbled upon this last night.  Really sad that the ChromeCast team disabled this capability.  I also found evidence that it may return in the future, though.
Dear Android blogs,

The "new local playback" capabilities like slideshows that was "discovered" today is exactly what I and others have been piggybacking to work around white listing restrictions. And also what was disabled by the Chromecast receiver update.

I may try sending content over WebRTC. The only way to stop that is by removing tab casting altogether. But it's easier to just sideload CheapCast onto a Equiso, etc.

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Awesome!  Great explanation too.
I published an asynchronous streaming JSON parser for node.js (npm install stream-json). How is it different from the rest?

1. It is small. You will not find files with thousand lines of code. In fact all files smaller than 200 lines.

2. It literally streams everything, including individual values, which are frequently assumed to be small enough to fit in the memory. Well, after I saw a 1T (that's a terabyte!) string at my client's, I knew I have to do something about it. The upside is a small memory footprint no matter what, which is always good.

The API is inspired by SAX - a simple event-based model is used to communicate with user's code.

Technically, it is a collection of node.js 0.10 stream components, which can be combined together with pipes to produce a workflow suitable for any custom task. Everything is documented, so users can add their own components to the mix.

A score of small components are provided, including a filter, which can selectively pass/suppress sub-objects effectively making a subset. The filter can operate using a regular expression, or a function.

Expect a more detailed blog post on stream-json in a near future, but if you want to find out more, just hit the link below and read the readme.

#javascript #node #nodejs #streaming   #asynchronous   #js  

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Chromebox mounted to my monitor.  Works wonderful!
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