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Dedicated to bringing you the latest money news and guides features, plus tools and tips to help you manage your manage your money.
Dedicated to bringing you the latest money news and guides features, plus tools and tips to help you manage your manage your money.

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The last affordable place for property in the UK

The number of local authority areas where the average house price is less than three times the average annual salary has fallen from 72 to just one over the past 16 years, according to a new study.

Research by the TUC showed that Copeland in the Lake District was the last local authority area left in Britain where average house prices were less than three times the average annual salary. The union said its research showed there were no longer any areas in the South East, South West, London and the East of England where average house prices are less than five times the average wage.

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Entire cast of soap opera sacked over pay dispute

The producers of a hugely popular South African television soap opera fired the main cast this week after the actors went on strike for more pay.

Sixteen members of the cast of Generations walked off the set last week, saying they were living as "struggling actors" while the production house and state broadcaster SABC rake in big profits from the show.

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Boys create WW1 trench in garden

As landscaping projects go, it is an unusual one - but for two schoolboys a First World War trench is the perfect addition to their back garden.

Brothers Ethan and Reuben Harvey have constructed a miniature battlefield - complete with a look-out tower, fake tank traps and a sentry box - to commemorate the centenary of the war.

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Nine days left to vacuum up a powerful cleaner

Consumers who like a powerful vacuum cleaner have been urged to buy one now before new energy rules that restrict motor sizes come into effect next month.

A new EU energy label to be introduced from September 1 means manufacturers will not be able to make or import vacuum cleaners with a motor that exceeds 1,600 watts.

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BBC iPlayer users could be forced to pay fee

The growing number of viewers who avoid the BBC's licence fee by watching content online could soon be forced to pay a charge.

The BBC's iPlayer service currently allows users to watch catch-up shows on their computer without having to pay the £145.50 annual fee.

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Venezuela to fingerprint supermarket shoppers

If you get annoyed at the length of the queues in your local supermarket, spare a thought for Venezuelan shoppers - who will shortly have to have their fingerprints taken every time they visit a store.

President Nicolas Maduro has announced the new measure in an effort to control smuggling and stock-piling, which has led to crippling food shortages across the country.

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Aldi grabs Top Washing-Up Liquid crown

A discount own-brand washing up liquid has snatched the Best Buy crown from Fairy Liquid.

Aldi's Magnum Premium squirts past brand champ Fairy Liquid not just on performance but squeezes ahead - by a big margin - on price.

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Co-op Bank upbeat despite £75m loss

Troubled lender the Co-operative Bank has reported a £75.8 million pre-tax loss for the first half of the year but said it was encouraged by its progress since it was rescued from near-collapse last year.

The bank's interim results are the first since it reported a full-year loss of £1.3 billion for 2013.

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Great-great-grandmother writes 'steamy' first novel

An 86-year-old woman has become a first-time novelist by writing a steamy romance about a bored housewife.

Georgia Gorringe, from Utah, said it took her five years to write the novel No Good-Bye.

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UK-grown watermelons set for shops

A UK supermarket is to stock home-grown watermelons for the first time following a successful crop nurtured by a 19-year-old agriculture student.

Joe De Pascalis convinced his boss at S&A Produce, based in Marden, Hereford, that he could grow the crop earlier this year, and they will go on sale at Tesco this week.
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