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jammy jam (jammyjam)
Daddy. Web Developer. Linux enthusiast.
Daddy. Web Developer. Linux enthusiast.

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When creating a new site + domain for a personal use, like portfolio, etc.
What naming convention do you use?

I'm thinking firstNameInitial + middleNameInitial + lastName .com
Like that.

or do you prefer firstName + middleInitial + lastName .com?

Which do you do?

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The fact that such a plugin is needed just amazes me.
Why use WordPress?
Why use Windows?
Lots of better opensource alternatives.

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Do you rely on Keepass to keep your passwords safe?
Here's a webapp :)

I have the 'index.html' + 'passwords.kdbx' file in a folder on my secure server, now I can access my passwords from anywhere!!!

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You know what I'm making tonight!!!


Q: What do you call a mexican dwarf?

A: A paragraph, because he's too short to be an essay!


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How I'm gonna eat my popcorn from now on!

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A pawsome guide to good and bad human foods for your dog.
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