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Beth Rice Curtis
You may not love me but you won't let yourself hate me either
You may not love me but you won't let yourself hate me either

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My beautiful daughter

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I make these when I'm frustrated or when I'm thinking through something complex and I need to focus. In the chaos I find relaxation. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.
My Fractal Creations
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This is just one of over 200 fractal creations I have for sale. Contact me if you are interested in looking at them. They will be professionally mounted and framed to your specifications. They make great MOTHER'S DAY, GRADUATION, WEDDING, FATHER'S DAY, BIRTHDAY AND JUST BECAUSE GIFTS.

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No problem. To challenge myself I turned it up side down.
I'm 53 and I still got it. Something to smile about today. 
Brain Quiz - Bet Your Brain Can't Read This

Here's a brain quiz. Can you read this? I bet on first glance your first answer is "No!"

Take 15 seconds and try to read it. Are you picking up a few words? Give yourself a few passes through it. Is your brain figuring out more of the words? Now spend a minute studying this and then let's see how you answer the question, "Can you read this?"

If your brain can learn to read this (in about a minute), I wonder what else it could learn to do. So often I hear people say they can't change - and you just changed in about a minute.

#quiztime #potential #powerofthemind Image:
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