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Finally back!

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Sporty Day!
hirt: BrandyMelville Shorts: Levi's Hat: Terranova Socks: Terranova

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Come back!
Hi girls how are you? Are you already come back to school? Unfortunately summer is ending and that's a really bad thing! Most of all 'cause here in my country, during summer, the weather was awful so we didn't have a "real summer". And what about you? What ...

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I'm leaving!
Hi girls! How are you? How were your last summer days? Today i've got some news for you: i'm going to holidays for a month so, unfortunately, i won't be able to use my pc and update my blog..i'm really sad about it but, at the same time, i'm really happy 'c...

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#mountain days / Tidestore coats' wishlist
Hi girls today i wanna share with you my autumn coats' wishlist! I know that talking about this kind of item on days like these isn't so exciting but it could help us to fight this warm weather, isn't it? On the collage you could find my favourite ones from...

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These are a few pics of yesterday..these days are so hot! How are you enjoying these summer days? What's the weather like in your country? 

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times they are changing!
Hi girls! How's going your holidays? These are messy days for me 'cause i'm moving to a new house!  I leave yous some pics about my afternoon walk with my cousin..we waited till the sunset! i love that light! Have a good weekend! Ciao ragazze come va? Come ...

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Sunday trip + Tidestore wishlist!
Hi girls! Here are some pics of my sunday's trip on the mountain..but i also want to share with you some news! I suggest you a beautiful online shop: Tidestore ! It's a site in which you can find clothes, bags, shoes and accessories for all tastes and all o...

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How many lives are living strange? (+ Giveaway winner!)
Hi girls how's going your week? Here's the weather is really bad: it's always raining! what an awful summer! Hope you're enjoying your summer and having fun! Here's the name of the giveaway winner: congrats to Gemma Ibarra! You'll soon receive your beautifu...

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Don't look back in anger
Hi girls! Sorry for my long long absence but i had to study for my driving licence..yesterday i had the exam and i made it! Now i can start to drive a car with my driver teacher and then i'll have the applied exam! So excited! And what about you? How're goi...
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