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There's A Mouse In My House (or at least there was)
NOTE:  This is not an original post.  I originally posted it a couple of years ago to another blog I was writing at that time.  I have made a few minor alterations, but my apologies to those of you who have already read it. There's a mouse in
my house.  Or ...

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If You Haven't Fallen ...
There's a saying among equestrians that if you haven't fallen off a horse, you probably haven't been riding long enough, and as with most sayings, there's at least a kernel of truth in it.   I started riding at a young age, and I rode pretty seriously all t...

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Working Hard or Hardly Working
I somewhat jokingly refer to The Paragon and The Flying Monkey as my "working dogs."  However, today they seem to be sleeping on the job a lot more than usual.  Sometimes I wish I had their jobs instead of my own.  Is that wrong?

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Gadgets for the Techie Pet Owner
I won’t lie … my dogs and cats have a pretty nice life.   I don’t really consider them spoiled, because
I do insist that they be reasonably well-mannered and appropriately behaved,
but they do have it pretty good.   Though,
the way I see it, they deserve it...

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Guess Who?
Guess who suddenly decided to teach himself how to open doors? Well, the pronoun has already eliminated two of the suspects.  So you know it wasn't The Diva ...   "Why bother to learn how to open a door?  That's what servants are for."  And you know it wasn...

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Old Dogs
You can't teach an old dog new tricks.  Or at least that's how the saying goes.  But I was reminded, today, that this particular saying, while oft-repeated and accepted as fact, isn't really all that accurate.  M is the beautiful brindle pit bull mix girl w...

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Freaky Friday
So far, this has just been "one of those days" where nothing seems to go as planned, and, as the post title suggests, everything is just a little bit freaky.  Including, and maybe even especially, yours truly.  Fortunately, The Paragon is managing to keep i...

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Holy Dog! Does Alligator ALWAYS smell like this?!!!!
So yesterday, I ran to Petco on my lunch hour to pick up a few bully sticks for my office stash, because 1) we were out and 2) The Paragon was having severe jealousy issues because my friend K's Yorkie/Maltese mix puppy, C, was enjoying the heck out of his ...

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Wordless Wednesday with The Flying Monkey: Home Alone
The Flying Monkey does not enjoy being Home Alone. 

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Of Dog Parks & Dimwits
The Paragon, The Flying Monkey, and The Cowardly Lion - ready to go to the dog park The weather here has been gorgeous lately, and I just can't seem to get enough of being outside.  (The previous few weeks, it has been gray and nasty, even though the temper...
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