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So Rihanna and Lady Ga Ga get to be the first acts to be responsible for issuing infringement notices under New Zealand's so called "Skynet" law. I wonder what the backlash is going to be.

I'd be very surprised if they don't try and distance themselves from this action if it kicks off in the media.
Telecom says it received notices from the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand overnight asking it to send copyright infringement notices to 42 customers that the association has accused of i...
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John Guy

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When will the international music industry learn that it's an INTERNATIONAL industry.

The latest is that I hear Rocksmith (a 'game' I was excited about) is being delayed a release in Europe (and from what I can tell anywhere outside USA) because of "licensing issues".

So it's safe to assume that we'll probably be getting different songs here in NZ/Oz and that our DLC will probably be significantly more expensive and probably a sub-set of the full US versions...
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This kind of thing really annoys me. Is our money not good enough or something? Oh, yes, I forgot, we are not part of the real universe because it ends at the US border.
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John Guy

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I read this article over the weekend and I think the record companies are in for a shock. I'm a bit OCD when it comes to making sure I have all the versions of all the songs by the fave artists but I started drawing the line quite a while back when the record companies stuffed it up and started penalising me for being an early supporter of 'their' artists and releasing cheaper 'extended versions' of CDs to stimulate purchases. for example

Elemeno P were an NZ band I really got into, bought the hit CD "Welcome to Paradise" when it came out and bought copies to send to friends in UK. Only for them to re-release the same CD 6 months later with a free live CD (the kind of stuff I really love). To this day I don't own the live CD and I haven't bought another Elemeno P CD.

Airbourne released their debut CD, I hunted down a copy and spread the word. Less than 6 months later this was back on the shelves at a discount price with a free DVD of their Wacken performance. I watched the wacken show on youtube but would loved to have owned it. I bought their follow up CD eventually when I knew the extra versions were out, but they're just 'another band' now in my mind.

Yes there are a few acts I will buy the extended editions of their stuff for, but I suspect I'll be like millions of other fans out there that might find a way to listen to the new material and discover it's not generally as good as that version that was deemed "perfect" 20 years ago. Unfortunately little money will change hands. At least the bands will get nice advances and a few lovely vanity copies of their own stuff to remember the glory days with.

Anything I'm really interested in I already probably own 2, 3 or more copies of from the vinyl to cd and remastered (usually badly remastered) versions. Do I really need 6 versions of Dark Side of the Moon in one package, or 4 versions of Nevermind? Let alone a load of cheap box tat that I'll be too scared to use and enjoy probably?
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+Arron Shutt I think it's more a case of the record companies working their butts off to try and keep their major artists on roster and milk the back catalog one last time.

I strongly suspect that the record companies have paid massive up front payments to be allowed to do this stuff.

There's virtually no incentive to an artist such as Floyd to stay with a record label. They can buy the services for distribution and manufacturing whenever they need them and self publish if they really want to. So the record companies are going to have to pay through the nose for a future relationship with this type of band.
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John Guy

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Just a quick question to the Chrome users out there...

HAs anyone else noticed that Chrome seems to be unwilling to autoselect facebook when you type into the address bar?

Loads of other sites it selects directly under my typing after two characters and I just have to hit enter to go there. With facebook nothing I can do will make it populate it in the address box, it will instantly get it as the top entry for me to select but never will it select it automatically for me! even if I type the entire url in.

childish tit-for-tat or something else?
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"f" works for me as well to bring up Facebook. It basically works on what site you visit frequently in the past I think.
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John Guy

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interesting stuff happening on G+ by the look of it, I quite like the term ripples
Louis Gray originally shared:
10 Amazing Google+ Ripples to Check Out #ripples

One of the coolest new features that launched today is called Ripples. With Ripples, you can see how posts are shared through Google+. You can even play back each Ripple, and Ripples are available on every public post. Here are some of my personal favorites from the last few weeks.

( Bonus: View the Ripples for this post)

+Dalai Lama to Hangout with +Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu

+Ron Garan's Beautiful Picture of the Moon

+Sergey Brin on Remembering Steve Jobs

My announcement of the new GOOG +1 License Plate

+Felicia Day on the Importance of RSS on websites . there are billions of people on the planet

+Larry Page shares video of Web 2.0 Summit With +Vic Gundotra and +Sergey Brin

+Mona Nomura on Superman getting #busted

+Pete Cashmore on Google Reader and Google+ Integration

+Bill Gross on the US budget Scaled Down to a Household

Ripples are not just cool, but a great way to find influencers across Google+ and see new people who care about the same things you do. So click in the upper right of any post, and select View Ripples.
The ripple diagram shows this post spreading as users share it on Google+. Arrows indicate a user receiving the post, then resharing. (Only recent public posts show up.) Circles within circles represe...
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John Guy

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How sad, Steve Jobs has passed away

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RIP The Steve.... Long live the RDF!
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John Guy

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The original version of this came back onto my playlist because of Somewhere Back In Time. This version below is very different, obviously because it's acoustic and sung by Ryan Adams, but I really like it :)
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Love a bit of Ryan Adams I do. Interesting choice of cover version, beautifully done.
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