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He watches over us!
14, 2017 I
am still amazed each time I see a loving Father in Heaven intervene to help one
of his children.  It awes me when I see
these simple yet powerful acts. We
had two Elders flying home today because of health problems.  We were taking both Eld...

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A sweet experience from Keith
January 22, 2017 As we finished Stake Conference today, a man walked quickly up to me.  He greeted me as I stepped down from the stand.  He was a
gentleman in his 70’s, I believe, in a crisply ironed white shirt, tie, nice
slacks, and shiny shoes. He gave m...

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A sacred and difficult experience
January 22, 2017 I participated in both a sacred, and difficult experience
today.  Sometimes in the midst of great
sorrow and remorse, one still sees the comforting hand of the Lord. Elder Ochoa is from El Salvador.  His country battles an increasing murder...

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An email changes everything
15, 2017 The
morning of December 22 nd started early – they all do.  I had just awakened and headed towards the
bathroom when Keith ran up to me and said: “It’s here”.  It was the email from Salt Lake City. We
had been down this path ourselves just ...

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"Extraction" from Acolman
The government of Mexico owns the gas stations and
oil.  They announced a 20% increase in the cost of gas.  This made
all the truckers mad and they decided to stage a protest.  Wish someone
had told us. We had two groups of missionaries go to the Pyramids o...

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Yes - reminded once again that they are 19 year old boys....
January 2, 2017 We have an Elder - Elder H. -  that joined us last week.  While at
the MTC (Missionary Training Center), he had a reaction to nuts.  We happen to have 4 epi-pens in the
offices that were left over from another missionary who had returned

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Home is where your parents live
31, 2016 Three
years in Mexico…that calling changed our life so very much.  Three years is such a long, and a short time. My
children and grandchildren have loved coming here on vacation.  Mexico has so much to offer – antiquity,
history, and brand ...

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Two transfer missionary
4, 2016 Not
all young LDS men can serve missions. 
Sometimes one has the desire, but not the physical ability to complete
24 months of service. The
church has a program called the Two Transfer Mission.  This mission is for 12 weeks (6 weeks equals

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Elder Lorenzo L.
28, 2016 This
week we say good bye to one of the best missionaries we have known, Elder Lorenzo L.   He joined our mission within weeks of our
arrival.  We have loved him since we
first met him.  He is held in the highest
esteem by every missionary i...

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28, 2016 Elder
Daniel A. came to us from Tijuana. 
We laughed when we first saw his picture on the application.  How did this Nordic name come to be attached
to someone who was obviously a Mexican? 
After he arrived, we found he had been raised by an...
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