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Jade Hawkins

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Jade Hawkins

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Jade Hawkins

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Jade Hawkins

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Jade Hawkins

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I love this song it will never get old!

I am a 17 year old Baker High School student. I am currently in the 11th grade. I will be graduating in the year 2011 and attending Auburn University the following semester! I am a total Auburn fan (War Eagle)! I absolutely love Aubie and wish I could be Aubie when I get to Auburn, but my mom won't let me :( I suffer from Migraines and I have a Brain Tumor, so it may not be a good decision to get in that suit and pass out :D that would make for a hectic game! I love to laugh and love to love! I am a lover and not a fighter but hey if I need to, I won't hesitate!

I am also in Baker's Marching and Concert Band. I play Alto Saxophone. I have been in the band since sixth grade, and boy is it stressful! It isn't always easy to remember everything I learn how to play, I'm not good at playing random music from memory but I'm a good player! I'm generally shy so I don't play for my family or for church but when I'm getting into the music no one can stop me! I'm not a show off with my playing either so when we're in sectionals (all the saxes playing/practicing together) I don't willingly showcase my talents! I tend to hold back a lot! But I love on everyone like their my own babies! Everyone knows me as Mama J! I always try to look out for our freshman rather than treat them bad like the other upper classmen. I enjoy younger children of any age and they really are sweet people. Since I started Marching Band in my freshman year, I have made lots of friends and have gotten close to some of the guys. Yes, I said guys! Being a saxophone, there are a lot of guys in our section. I am one of the two girls we have, and I like it that way! Looking at the more girl populated sections (flutes and clarinets) there is way too much drama! I don't really get along with girls as much as I do guys. Guys can be annoying but I like hanging with the guys. I learn so much about the male mind lol and all their foolishness! :D

Speaking of the male mind, my BFF is a boy! Me and my BFF Stephen Cobb met in the sixth grade at Blazer Days (where all the new middle schoolers learn about the school, Burns)! We have been tight every since. I love that guy to death and would do anything for him! He and I made our middle school years the best ever! He and I got into more stuff than anyone could imagine! Once again, band comes up! We both played Alto Sax and sat next to each other. What happened if one of us moved up a chair for playing better? We bombed our playing test so we could sit together again. But we always got in trouble for talking lol I can't say I was always an angel! We deffinately did everything together. If he was out of class for something, he would come get me and same with me! Now that we go to different schools (he goes to Murphy), we don't get to spend very much time together :( but we still hang out, talk on the phone, text, and have parties together!

Now my boyfriend, is a different story! Me and my bf have been together for a month this time around! Me and him started dating during our 10th grade year and broke up and got back together several times, but I love that guy! Guys never know what they want and can never make up their mind! He hated seeing me with any other guy whether I was dating someone else or just talking he was jealous! Hey what can I say? I'm the one who knew I wanted him but he was always shakey lol :) But My Sedrick is krzy about me and I'm krzy about him! I have never met someone who loves me as much as he does, would do anything for me (even risk getting in trouble), and who cares about me the way he does. He has such a sweet loving heart! Although he is 16 and has some more growing to do, he is a really good guy :) He's probably gonna kill me for posting this!

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