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Do less, read more.
Do less, read more.


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Project reboot
Reading David J. Howe’s The Target Book (which I purchased from the author at L.I. Who 4 last weekend) together with attending a panel discussion (also at L.I. Who) on the Target novelizations featuring Jason Miller, Alan Jope, and Barnaby Edwards, has reki...

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Literary Expansion
It’s the nature of the blog as a literary form to document some kind of work in progress or to chronicle a chain of events which form part of a project or planned activity.  A blog should have some focus or theme in order to appeal to a reader who shares a ...

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The Rediscovered Country
I just finished reading the Target novelization of The Aztecs and will be writing about that story at length soon.  My project is to read these novelizations in order since one of ideas behind this blog is to examine Doctor Who as an unfolding, developing (...

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Basic Story Shape
Recently, Alison Flood wrote about story shape for The Guardian.  The article is called “ Three, six or 36: how many basic plots are there in all stories ever written? ”  Here are the six plot structures identified by the University of Vermont researchers F...

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Holiday Drama
I’ve been on vacation this week — an activity which is given over to wandering through space, in almost constant movement.  Consequently, I haven’t had time to sit in one place and to read.  But yesterday, I did take a few moments at the end of the day (bef...

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Who’s (Whose?) Unfolding Text?
Going through the entirety of (classic) Doctor Who by reading the Target (plus) novelizations might seem a peculiar ambition, even quixotic.  After all, Doctor Who is a television show and so what is shown on the screen is the definitive version of the text...

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Once in a lifetime (at least)
Earlier this year I listened to a podcast interview ( Doctor Who: The Writers’ Room ) with writer Paul Cornell and he mentioned that he had at one point gone back to the beginning of the Doctor Who and watched all the existing episodes in order up to the pr...

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Filmmaking for novelists?
Over weekend I was talking with Alice about “my writing career.”  Dr Pasavento, my therapist, insists that writing is just a hobby and I should just do it “for fun” rather than weighting the activity down with tedious add-ons like goals  and aspirations .  ...

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In case you missed it, here's the transcript of the interview I did for Alamo TV on my recent trip to San Antonio.  Several times during my interview I referenced an interview with Karl Ove Knausgaard which appeared in The Independent  recently. What drives...

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Stream of consciousness
Probably the first time I ever heard anyone use the phrase “stream of consciousness” it was in an attempt to describe the writing of James Joyce, especially  Ulysses .  Since then I read (I’m unable to lay my hand on the source at the moment) somewhere that...
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