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Hajer Khedher
a dreamer !
a dreamer !

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MIT's amazing new app lets you program any smart object - neat concept and a great use of #AugmentedReality to solve common issues. #AR
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"Real love is always chaotic. You lose control; you lose perspective. You lose the ability to protect yourself. The greater the love, the greater the chaos."

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Our  #ABGT100  set from Madison Square Garden!

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Every day, every hour
Turn the pain into power

She's got lions in her heart
A fire in her soul
He's a got a beast in his belly
That's so hard to control
'Cause they've taken too much hits
Taking blow by blow
Now light a match, stand back, watch them explode
Kicking today off like Superheroes. Ready to fly. Off to the airport.  

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Don't wait for an invitation
No need for reservation
This life is an exploration
And you gotta see what I see in you

I can't wait one minute more
The sun will shine, The sun will shine
We can't wait one minute more
The sun will shine, The sun will shine

Just think of the destination
I'll be your transportation
We'll find there's a kind of place
That can only be seen with a naked mind

There's a key that opens a door
Will you find it and turn it?
Take your time, don't take too long
There's a map that's washed ashore
Will you find it and burn it?

Unleash your imagination
Two stars, one constellation
Bright lights just to guide the way
Can you see what I see in you?

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#ThrowbackThursday with a Tranquility Base classic that just turned 10.

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LOL tellement vrai !
This facial expression is just... I can't even describe it right now. It's too priceless not to post, so enjoy. XD
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