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Vijay Sharma
I deleted my facebook profile because I was sick of being "Poked"...
I deleted my facebook profile because I was sick of being "Poked"...

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Has anyone used MeagFiers in Unity?

I wish my laptop had a fold-out second screen.  That way when I'm coding at 00:30 I could watch "The Firm" in a window bigger than 3"x3" !!

Porn is about to become VERY awkward:

'Clinton Cards Enter Administration'. Thinking of you at this difficult time.

Today I was all over a .NET memory leak like a warlord on a U.N food drop!

I'm looking for a relented IOS developer to make me an app... If you have made something before then give me a shout an we can start negotiating! :-)

Oh My Lolz... Just heard a guy (ADULT) in the supermarket say (when reading the back of food) "How can you REfrigerate it if you don't have frigerator, I have a refrigerator, but don't I need to frigerate it first?!"...

I burst out laughing, then had to run to frozen foods to avoid eye contact!!!

#monkeyarms - Yeah, that's right... I said #monkeyarms what of it?

Am I the last person to realise how cool Spotify & Last.FM are when you put them together? I'm so upset I didn't realise there was a mashup before!!!!

Would I rather be feared or loved?

That's easy, BOTH...

I want people to be afraid of how much they love me!
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