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bitcoin development presentation

Almost tempted to make the ultimate pendent dockers image. Giving a training new pentesters soon, either that or I relie on a hex core server but I think it would be better off split hosting dockers images than vmware vnc's. Any thoughts on this?

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Well it might only be a name but at least part of you is there... If you do it can you post your allocated launch date?

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The nintendo collection, for those or remember the 8 bit console the 'nes'

Help me help the world have decent communications show support for ICOM/AMBE release the code for their codec that supports digital modes in radios.

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I need a friend to donate any broken dstar radios so, another friend can finally get the data which is not being shared despite claiming that its opensource. DSTAR to the masses- after many reverse techniques finally you might get decent communication network cheaper and extra features. But lets start by reverse engineering. All finalised work will be available or redesigned to fit on the current non digital comms transceivers plus one it. Personally I believe that a Raspberry pi would be unnecessary in the third world. The pi could emulate a ambe2020 chip (DSTAR) in software, modulate the output into a transmission. I'm trying to think simpler in the cpu, no need to code gpu yet. 

Essentially I will breakdown why this project should be backed, and that is that all should have access to leading edge communication that will run robustly for free decentralised. Show support and this is happening. 

Sick negotiations need to be made!!

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Butchered a good fameboy song. Its nasty.

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Videographer for hire. ALL HD WORK. Worked on various adverts/documentaries and dramas. Able to provide high end event videos including weddings. Can provide edited footage for bluerays, also can stream live. A reasonable rates.
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