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kelly eastlick

Nurses, in the current news there is a discussion about them, I support them and I will tell you why. My interactive dealing with them has not always been positive, I will tell you that too.
In general terms, nurses are our first point of contact be it your general doctors office or god forbid the emergency room.
Who walks in or makes an appointment with your doctor without seeing a nurse first? She takes your blood pressure, puts you on the scale and asks you questions about your general health. Emergency room nurses have a different protocol as do those that serve in surgery , oncology, and an enormous list of specialization. Nurses are the front line and the last line in our present day health care system. I have had compassionate nurses that let me sleep when I checked in with broken ribs. I have experienced overworked nurses that were tired on the job and showed it. The best in my opinion were the nurses that were there when my sons were born. Absolutely professional. I got reprimanded for turning off the alarm on an IV feed to my former wife at 2:00 in the morning so she could sleep. I had seen it done many times, I took upon myself, I was wrong to intercede on what they do. Nurses are the best,first and front line of everything about our health, they deserve our utmost respect and most of all our support.
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