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Splendor of Beauty - The American Falls

Shot of the american falls. Such an epic place. This is the boarder between Canada and the US. I'm on the Canadian side. The Niagara falls would be to the right out of frame.

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you have captured the beauty of the falls...been there several times never tire of this scene....
a place I'll never been able to see: a wonder!!!
Very nice photo +Alik Griffin. I remember going up there with my folks when I was little but other than it being very wet and very cold I don't remember much else. ☺
unreal place! love it!
the Canadian side has more to see....lots of things for tourists...have great butterfly museum...things like that....much less on American side...
Beautiful photo!!! ,but this fall is permanent or casual there?
this view is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)))))))))))
Wow! Amazing photography, as usual a job well done Alik..
i love your pic i wish i was there
I like this shot.
Beautiful! I went there a couple of years ago and it was amazing!
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