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Russian Blue

Now that is a pretty cat. I think there is a little of something else mixed in because of the faint stripes on his tail. Did you know that the kittens from a singles cat litter often comes from more than one male, which is why the kittens can often look so different.

Shot with the 5Dmkii with the 24-70f2.8L
I also used the canon 580 EX II for a flash.

#photography #cat #canon #flashphotography
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He also looks a little like a chartreux although he isn't really porky enough. In any case, he's a cutie.
No this cat lives with my brother.
must be filter Looks gray Too Me But good looking cat
I have owned two of this breed of cat. They have unique and wonderful personalities, The one I have now is a mouser and large for her breed. She has bonded with me and no one else in the household...Beautiful and just a little scary to the large dogs I have:)
i love cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is the cat looking at a toy or a treat? :)
He was little at a little bell I was jingling.
I had a Russian Blue. It was a girl named Smokey, because of her color of course. When I was wheezing, which eventually turned to asthma, she slept on my chest in my face when I went to sleep. She breathed with me. Then one day the asthma was gone. She never slept with me like that again after it was gone. It was weird. I miss her. Great pic, thanks.
i use to have a cat name rosa which looks alot like her. :)
So cute. I want one too. Mine is a choco pointed siamese, named koffi. :-)
i have this cat too, her name is Ash!!
My cat has 3 names Cuddles, QueenB and Terror I love her and she rules this woman totally.
ha ha. He wants a job in the porn industry, that's his phone number.
Yeah it's a very pretty cat im Russian so I know a lot about them
nice well i dont know a lot of russian seeing that i live in a america i was adopted when i was less than a year from tomsk which is near the capitol of russia which is moscow and i am sure she will do great while is learning it it will come in very handy when i meet my real parents im on 12 so yeah
The owner of this cat is Russian.
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