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Yep. So true.
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Well g+ is good, but it stills need to grow more
+Efrain Martinez I agree totally. But given that, I feel that the structure of G+ allows all of that growth without necessarily ruining my chosen level or quality of experience.
Evan schiltz I agree with you. That's y I'm staying with g+, Haha not only that I'm forcing my friends to join it.
A lot of my friends aren't using facebook as much anymore. More people are getting on twitter.
+Desiree van Rooyen A good way to start is to add some circles people have shared so you're stream will be populated with good stuff.
other social media's are probably on alert level right now...nice move Google!
That's because they have the perfect excuse not to write more than 140 characters, what is convenient when you don't have nothing to say, or you're lazy, or cynical, or you don't want to argue, or you want to conform, etc.
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