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Not a HDR photo

Since HDR photography is so popular on Google+ I wanted to try something. To see if you can get the over processed HDR look without taking 3 photos. The 5Dmkii to has a dynamic range of about 11 stops, which should be enough for most situations if properly handled in post. Obviously my shadows will have less detail than if I were to actually bracket, but taking 3 photos and combining them will kill some of your sharpness and detail anyway.
I think this experiment actually turned out pretty good. I imagine with the 5Dmkiii extra 2 stops of dynamic range you won't even need to bracket anymore.

What do you think?

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I dnt know much about photography but this looks awesome!! :)
Not bad! what software did you use to process the shot?
+Laurence Willis I used Lightroom 4. It's kind of tricky, you have to bring up all your shadows and take down all your highlights. Then tweak the curves to bring contrast back into the photos.
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ahh yeah, sounds like a technique folks used to do in photoshop - though back then getting a file with a bit depth over 8 wasn't as easy as it is now. What kind of RAW files do you get out of the 5dmkIII ?
I don't use the 5dmkiii so I'm not sure how different it's raws are. I do know you get about 2 more stops of performance out of its ISO. So if you expose your sensor at the proper ISO you should be able to pull up those shadows and still have usable details. Although the canon 5Dmkiii has a built in HDR feature that I'm curious to check out. So maybe it just does it for you.
A lot of cameras in the last couple of years have had the latitude to do this fairly well. Generally referred to as Single Image Tone Mapping.

You would possibly still use multiple exposures simply for noise reduction in the darks and even more detail way at the top end, but I agree, a single image can yield amazing results these days.
In this image your shadows are fine, but you are losing detail in the highlights. A graduated neutral density filter, covering the sky, would have helped a lot, if you try to avoid multishot HDR-processing.
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whether this is an image editing process?
hmm ..... well ... fine although a little off color and sharpness of the light.
angle for the shadow effect of the fall as less accurate, but pretty good.
i heard the mark iii has in camera hdr. great photo!
You nailed it anyway. Good composition!
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