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Mimi the rabbit

Another shot of my rabbit enjoying her mid day snack.

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It actually looks like she's saying 'put up the camera already.... I'm trying to enjoy my lunch!' ;~D
Amy O
Wabbit! How pretty :)
I'm such a re-tard, it says it on the headliner of your post...LOL
Do you feed it timothy hay? I used to have several rabbits and loved having them. 
Yea. Timothy hay. Sometimes Alfalfa hay but that stuff gets everywhere.
True. Most people don't know that it's a major part of their diet and not carrots like they think. I hated it when they would pull up the shag rug because it's like grass to them. I loved watching them run up down the hallway and flip around in the air.
Ha ha. Yea. I feed her carrot food, timothy hay because it's good for their digestion, and chew toys for their teeth. You also have to clip their nails. She also can do some pretty good jump flips. For some reason she's super hyper all the time.
A couple of mine I had to clip their teeth as they grew way out of control even with stuff to chew. The vet said it was due to too much cross breeding among sibling rabbits. The rabbits really hated it as well as me too. The vet taught me how to do it to save money from going every month.
Have you ever had worries that this rabbit may be the destroyer of worlds?
cute rabbit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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